Isaac NewtonIsaac Newton
Mitch Stokes
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As an inventor, astronomer, physicist and philosopher, Isaac Newton believed that scientific discovery was not a way to refute theology, but rather a way to explain it. In this Christian Encounters biography, meet the scientist and believer who forever changed the way we view the world. 183 pages, softcover.

Isaac Newton, Sower SeriesIsaac Newton, Sower Series
John Hudson Tiner
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This biograpy follows the life of Isaac Newton from the time of his birth through his school years and into his years as an inventor, scientist, and teacher, to the time of his death and the impact his inventions and discoveries have on our world even today. For ages 9 to 14.

Isaac Newton and the Laws of MotionIsaac Newton and the Laws of Motion
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Read the story of how Isaac Newton came up with his theories like you never have before! Re-envisioned as a graphic novel, this action-packed, non-fiction book will appeal to even those typically non-enthusiastic about reading and history. Vividly illustrated with historical notes providing context, the studious efforts and experimentation of Isaac Newton are captured in a format for a new generation of readers. 32 indexed pages, softcover. Grades 3-6.

Isaac Newton: Giants of ScienceIsaac Newton: Giants of Science
Kathleen Krull
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Newton's ideas didn't come to him like an apple falling from a tree. Rather, it was a process where he thought about problems continually. Brilliantly showing children the results from the rigors of scientific thinking, as well as the importance of peer-review, publishing, and the give-and-take exchange of ideas so important to science today, this biography of Newton deftly combines the story of Newton's life, the historical setting he was working in, and the development of science. Inventor of what we know as the three laws of motion, calculus, gravity, modern physics, as well as rules for scientific reasoning and the scientific method, modern science still rests upon his shoulders. 126 pages, indexed.

Parental Note: This biography notes the historical speculation about a possible homosexual affair between Newton and another mathematician as well as his firm (though unorthodox) belief in God. Two metaphors mention Harry Potter.


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