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Developmental Math, Level 9, Student WorkbookDevelopmental Math, Level 9, Student Workbook
L. George Saad
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The Developmental Mathematics workbook series covers basic mathematics through early algebra. Workbooks aren't grade-specific, but rather focus on individual skills, making it an ideal curriculum for self-paced learners at any ability level. This is a self-teaching curriculum that was specifically designed for students to read, learn, and complete themselves, cultivating independent learning skills.

Lessons begin with an explanation of the concept and example problems that are solved step-by-step. A number of practice problems are provided on the following "Applications" pages.

Level 9 covers division, including 64 basic division facts, division with 1, and more.

80 pages, softcover. Student workbook only; levels are not grade specific. A diagnostic test is included.

Developmental Math, Level 9, Educator's GuideDevelopmental Math, Level 9, Educator's Guide
L. George Saad
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The Educator's Guide allows the educator to assist the student and trace his or her responses. Includes answer key.

Developmental Math Level 9 Instructional VideoDevelopmental Math Level 9 Instructional Video
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Mathematics Programs Associates' new and improved Developmental Mathematics is the curriculum highly recommended in Cathy Duffy's Christian Home Educators Curriculum Manual, Mary Pride's The Big Book of Home Learning, Rebecca Rupp's The Complete Home Learning Source Book, and Ted Wade's The Home School Manual. Developmental Mathematics is the product of decades of research and testing in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. It is composed of a complete workbook series progressing, Level by Level, through the basic elements of arithmetic into the beginnings of algebra. As a self-teaching program, Developmental Mathematics is ideal for self-paced learning, both accelerated and remedial.

Instructional video for Level 9.


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