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Elementary Math DictionaryElementary Math Dictionary
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All those elementary math terms can get confusing! The Elementary Math Dictionary provides a quick and efficient way to look up commonly used words and terms. Easily understood explanations are given, along with many charts, photos, diagrams, symbols, abbreviations and conversion tables. 80 pages, softcover. Elementary grades.


VersaTiles Primary Starter Set Grades Pre-K & UpVersaTiles Primary Starter Set Grades Pre-K & Up
Retail Price: $49.95
CBD Price: $39.99
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This Versatiles Children's Book Starter Set will help children to recognize fantasy and reality, sequence, understand cause and effect, summarize, understanding elements of literature such as characters and setting, and more.

A story-based theme is given for each lesson; sentences provide an outline of the story, with one key word removed. With the versatile box in front of you arranged by number, pick up the corresponding number (which matches a word). As the correct answers are given, move the letter of the answer to the letter-spaces beneath in the case. When you're done, close the case, flip it over, and see if your pattern matches the one in the book-if so, you've solved it correctly! Comprehension questions, book information chart, graphic organizers, objectives, response ideas, assessment forms, templates, a certificate of achievement and more are included.

This Kit Includes:

  • 3 Student books, 24 pages each, softcover. (Non-consumable)
  • 1 Teacher's Resource Guide with codes and additional activities; 47 pages, softcover
  • 1 Set of plastic Versatiles, which includes 12 pattern-backed tiles and case.
  • All elements come in a zippered, covered, plastic folder.

    VersaTiles Phonics Starter Set Grades 1-3VersaTiles Phonics Starter Set Grades 1-3
    Retail Price: $89.95
    CBD Price: $71.99
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    Perfect for parents who want to focus on specific areas of reading reinforcement and practice, VersaTiles allows children to work at their own pace, receiving immediate feedback while correcting their work. When they have completed an activity using the Answer Case, they just flip it over to reveal a colorful pattern. If the pattern matches the one on the activity page, their answers were correct!

    This unique collection of nine Activity Books offers concentrated work in phonics at grades 1, 2, and 3. Nine sequential books take children from alphabet awareness through initial and final consonant sounds, consonant blends and digraphs, short and long vowel sounds, r-controlled vowels, syllabication, sight words, word families, prefixes, suffixes, roots, letter patterns and more.

    This starter set contains 9 different student activity books, 1 Answer Case and a Guide. Ages 5-9.

    VersaTiles Math: Problem Solving Grades 4-6VersaTiles Math: Problem Solving Grades 4-6
    Retail Price: $62.95
    CBD Price: $49.99
    ( Expected to ship on or about 06/26/15. )
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    With VersaTiles for Problem Solving, students in grades 4-6 will find it easier to grasp new math concepts as they discover unique approaches to real-world mathematical challenges, including making lists, identifying important information, using diagrams to solve problems and more.

    Saxon Mathematics Homeschool Manipulatives KitSaxon Mathematics Homeschool Manipulatives Kit
    Retail Price: $68.00
    CBD Price: $55.99
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    The key to math success for your irrepressible hands-on learners! Designed to complement Saxon Math programs for grades K to 3, this home study kit includes a set of 55 dominoes, 100 "color tiles," 2 geoboards with rubber bands, 2 plastic clocks, assorted tangrams and colorful plastic shapes, 2 standard rulers, a student balance, teddy bear counters, and more.

    Learning Place for Families: Write About It Grades 2 & UpLearning Place for Families: Write About It Grades 2 & Up
    Retail Price: $24.95
    CBD Price: $21.42
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    Encourage students to write, and write well! This plastic zippered backpack will help families implement simple strategies to become full partners in their children's education. Included inside is: 1 whiteboard, 4 dry erase markers, story CD, 4 readers, writing guide, and a writing journal, all designed to introduce a love of writing. Five reader-based activity ideas are included in the family writing guide; each includes an introduction, referenced reading selection, discussion questions and writing activities. The "My Writing Journal" book features a half-blank page for illustrations, as well as wide writing space. Four readers present fun fiction and nonfiction stories with both photographs and illustrations.

    This Kit Includes:

  • One 12" x 9" smooth compressed-particle board whiteboard
  • 4 Dry-Erase markers (black, red, blue and green)
  • 1 CD featuring the Audiobook of the included reader "Whale Watching"; running time 06:46
  • Four 16-page readers
  • My Writing Journal
  • "Write About It" Guide
  • All is packed into a clear, zippered backpack Grade 2.


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