Sexual Ethics: An Evangelical PerspectiveSexual Ethics: An Evangelical Perspective
Stanley J. Grenz
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Is our sexuality foundational and essential to our being? Grenz feels that it is, based on his understanding of the Bible. As a human, one must be either male or female. That sexual distinction must be recognized as a primary characteristic in all humanity.

But what exactly is sexuality? And how can we separate sexuality from sexual actions? The answers, according to Grenz, are more theological than simply psychological or social. He wrote Sexual Ethics: An Evangelical Perspective to clarify the theology of sexuality, and to place sexuality in its proper place in creation. He looks at several key questions, including the nature of sexuality, how marriage expresses sexuality, how singleness expresses sexuality, and how the church should view and respond to sexuality.

Sexuality manifests itself in a desire for community, and is, in and of itself, the ultimate manifestation of community, of two becoming one. Thus, the marriage relationship can be seen as the context which best describes and fulfills sexuality. Grenz deals with the issues which denigrate marriage, including adultery and divorce. He also discusses how singles can express their sexuality in a Godly way. He even touches on technological issues like abortion as birth control, and fertility advances (in vitro fertilization, cloning, etc.) And he looks at homosexuality and its relationship to true sexuality.

Grenz faces all the issues head on, and has developed a cogent, broad-based and biblical theology of sexuality. His theology will help to clarify the role that sex and sexuality should play in our lives, and will ultimately help the Church to restore a proper view of sex and sexuality in our culture.

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Preface to the Westminster John Knox Press Editionvii
Preface to the First Editionix
Introduction: The Church Amid Sexual Revolution1
Changing Views of Sexuality in Church History2
The Current Situation: An Era of Transition8
1.Male and Female: The Nature of Human Sexuality15
What Is Sexuality?15
Sexuality and Our Essential Being22
2.Male and Female: Humankind as a Sexual Creation31
The Social Purpose of Our Creation as Sexual Beings31
The Theological Significance of Our Creation
as Sexual Beings
Sexuality and the Dynamic of Creation and Fall51
3.Marriage in a Christian Perspective57
The Meaning of Marriage57
The Purpose of Marriage66
What Constitutes Marriage?71
4.The Sex Act within the Context of Marriage78
The Sex Act and Meaning78
The Sex Act within the Marital Bond81
The Public Dimension of the Sex Act94
5.The Marital Bond: Fidelity Versus Adultery98
The Boundaries of Sexual Expression98
Adultery as the Violation of the Marriage Covenant103
Fidelity and Promiscuity in a Theological Context111
6.Divorce: The Ultimate Severing of the Marital Bond117
Divorce as a Modern Phenomenon118
Divorce as the Breakup of Marriage123
Divorce and Remarriage134
Divorce and the Church141
7.Technology and the Prevention of Pregnancy146
The Ethics of Birth Control146
The Ethics of Abortion155
8.Technology and Pregnancy Enhancement163
Technology and Infertility163
Methods of Technologically Assisted Conception169
9.The Single Life181
Singleness, Marriage, and God's Design181
Singleness in a Theological Context189
The Single Life and Celibacy196
10.Singleness and Sexual Expression200
Sexuality in Adolescence and Young Adulthood200
Sexual Expression and the Single Life215
11.Homosexuality: Sin or Alternative Lifestyle?223
Homosexuality as a Sexual Orientation224
Homosexuality and Sexual Expression235
Epilogue: The Church and Human Sexuality 247
Sexuality and the Community of God247
The Role of Human Sexuality in the Church251
The Penultimate Nature of Sex Ethics255
Index of Biblical References293
Index of Names296
Index of Subjects298