A Sister's Hope Discussion Questions: by Wanda Brunstetter


1. The Hostettler family was under attack for many months and didn’t know who was responsible. How would you feel if something similar happened to your family? Would you have handled it differently than the Hostettlers did?



2. Why was Roman so convinced it was Luke doing the attacks? Have you ever accused someone of something without knowing the facts?



3. Have you ever been accused of doing something you didn’t do? How did it make you feel, and how did you respond to the accusation?



4. Why wouldn’t Luke’s parents believe or support him? Have you even been let down by those you love most? If so, how did you handle it?




5. Why was it so important to Luke’s parents that he get baptized and join the Amish church? Do you think they encouraged him in the right way? If they had been more supportive, do you think he might have joined the church sooner?




6. Was Roman right in forbidding Martha to see Luke? Could prohibiting her have made Martha want to see Luke even more?



7. One of the reasons Martha wanted to find out who was doing the attacks was so she could clear Luke’s name. Have you ever wanted to accomplish something so much that you took chances or risked your life in order to do so? Was Martha right in trying to solve the mystery on her own?




8. Do you think Grace was unreasonable in her reactions to Carl’s request to see Anna? Was she being over-protective or just cautious?




9. Was Carl right in asking Grace to let Anna move in with him? If your child was in danger would you allow them to move in with someone you didn’t trust?




10. Roman’s sister, Rosemary was a positive influence on all three of Roman’s daughters. Do you think Rosemary had any regrets about having left the Amish faith? Why do you think she chose to remain English?



11. Why did it take so long to learn who the attacker was? Would you have felt abandoned by God because it took so long to get results? Do you ever feel abandoned by God when you don’t see answers to your prayers as quickly as you would like?



12. What life lessons did you learn from reading A Sister’s Hope? In what way did it help strengthen your faith?




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