Off the Menu: Asian and Asian North American Women's Religion and TheologyOff the Menu: Asian and Asian North American Women's Religion and Theology
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Asian American Christianity is one of the fastest-growing forms of American Christianity, and it has already proven to be one of the richest and most innovative movements in North American religion. With a deep understanding of their roots in classic Christianity as well as the diversity of Asian culture, these theological voices have contributed some of the freshest and most provocative work of recent decades. This volume brings together women who are searching for authentic Christian dialogue in a world of hybridity and changing contexts, and represents one of the most significant areas of growth and vitality in contemporary Christianity.

Rita Nakashima Brock is Founding Codirector of Faith Voices for the Common Good. Jung Ha Kim teaches sociology at Georgia State University. Kwok Pui-lan is William F. Cole Professor of Christian Theology and Spirituality at the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Seung Ai Yang is Associate Professor of Sacred Scripture at the St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity.

The Asian JesusThe Asian Jesus
Michael Amaladoss
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Christianity's impact on the religions and cultures of the East has resulted in a series of images which have transformed our understanding of Jesus. Amaladoss devotes entire chapters to Jesus as sage, the way, guru, satyagrahi, avatar, servant, compassionate one, dancer, and pilgrim. Makes for a richer perspective. 192 pages, softcover. Orbis.

Asian Faces of JesusAsian Faces of Jesus
R.S. Sugirtharajah
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"Exclusive claims isolate the community of faith from neighbors of other faiths, creating tensions and disturbin relationships within the larger community. But when the distinctiveness of a particular faith is stated in a manner that avoids open or hidden exclusiveness, then meaningfull relationships between different communities become possible. This has been happening throughout history of different religions in the multireligious life of India. It is unfortunate that Christian theologians, including Indians, have failed to recognize the significance of such relationships for the shaping of an emerging theology of religions."---Quote from chapter seven of Asian Faces of Jesus edited by R.S. Sugirtharajah. 267 pages from Orbis Books.

Tracing the Footsteps of God: Discovering What You Really BelieveTracing the Footsteps of God: Discovering What You Really Believe
C.S. Song

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For C. S. Song, theology begins with the conviction that God is somehow at work in our lives and our world, often in ways we hardly perceive. Interrogating our own experience in the light of the gospel is, for him, the heart of theology. In this volume he helps readers pose ten of the most anguishing, nettling, perplexing issues of faith, some that arise perennially and others newly sharpened by a postmodern age rife with questions. The questions are:

1. Beginning and End?
2. Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?
3. Is There Life after Death?
4. Healed or Saved?
5. Do All Roads Lead to Rome?
6. With What Can God's Reign Be Compared?
7. Why Church?
8. Is Mission Viable?
9. Are You "Spiritual"?
10. What Do You Say God Is?

Song provides a process for readers to ask themselves: What do I believe? As he says, "What you will find here is a process leading from our daily experiences to our awareness of God in the world internal and external to us.... Stories of our life turn out to be stories of God." Includes stories and illustrations from around the world.

C. S. Song is an internationally influential voice in Christian theology and a pioneer of Asian Christian theology and story theology. He is Professor of Theology at the Pacific School of Religion and immediate past President of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches.



Following Jesus Without Dishonoring Your ParentsFollowing Jesus Without Dishonoring Your Parents
Jeanette Yep
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Go to the right school. Become a doctor or a lawyer. Marry a nice Asian. These are some of the hopes of our Asian parents. Knowing that our parents have sacrificed for us, we want to honor their wishes. But we also want to serve Jesus, and sometimes that can seem to conflict with family expectations. Discovering our Asian identity in the midst of Western culture means learning to bridge these conflicting values. This book can serve as our guide along the way.

Jesus- the Crucified PeopleJesus- the Crucified People
C.S. Song

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A deeply moving and challenging book, Jesus, the Crucified People breaks a theological stranglehold on the figure of Jesus and glimpses in a new, no-Western way both Jesus and Christianity. Against the rich cultural background of Asia, Song's volume explores the mystery of the Word that from the beginning of time now comes poignantly to us in the stories and testimonies of women, men, and children. Song eloquently fashions a "people hermeneutic" to sketch an account of Jesus' life, ministry, death, and resurrection for our world today.

Water Buffalo Theology: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary EditionWater Buffalo Theology: Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition
Koyama Kosuke
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Water Buffalo Theology marked the emergence of a self-conscious Asian Christian theology on the world scene when it was published in 1974. In this twenty-fifth anniversary edition, Koyama thoroughly updates the original, adding a retrospective introduction that records how he has changed his mind on many topics but maintained his position on others. In addition to eliminating several chapters, Koyama also adds one on his "pilgrimage in mission." Water Buffalo Theology urges readers to abide by the first calling of Christianity - to become an incarnation of God's love.

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