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Dolley Madison Saves George WashingtonDolley Madison Saves George Washington
Don Brown
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Everybody talked about Dolley Madison. Dolley was a farm girl who became a fine first lady when she married James Madison. She wore beautiful dresses, decorated her home, and threw lavish parties. Everyone talked about Dolley, and everyone loved her, too. Then war arrived at her doorstep, and Dolley had to meet challenges greater than she'd ever known. So Dolley did one thing she thought might make a difference: she saved George Washington. 32 pages. Ages 5-8.

Dolley Madison Saves HistoryDolley Madison Saves History
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Grab your Manga-and-comic obsessed children's attention with this graphic-novel approach to American history! Focusing on the story of how Dolley Madison saved history during the burning of the White House in the war of 1812, this novel breaks down her life in classic "comic book" style. Glossary, index, bibliography and internet-resources included. Ages 8-12, 32 pages, softcover.


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