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Why Don't You Get a Horse, Sam Adams?Why Don't You Get a Horse, Sam Adams?
Jean Fritz
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Sam Adams was a walker and a talker. He talked about the evils of England, he gave the signal for the Boston Tea Party, and he talked as a representative of Massachusetts. He also walked-a lot-but only because he couldn't ride a horse. When he & John Hancock had to escape (nicely warned by Paul Revere), they had to take a carriage with driver and hide in the swamp-not exactly a dramatic exit! Framed by the story of how he finally learned to ride, this engaging biography of Samuel Adams is the story of a true American patriot. 47 pages, softcover.

Samuel Adams: Patriot and StatesmanSamuel Adams: Patriot and Statesman
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Grab your Manga-and-comic obsessed children's attention with this graphic-novel approach to American history! Focusing on the story of American Patriot Samuel Adams, this novel breaks down his influences, studies, and patriotic activism in classic "comic book" style. Glossary, index, bibliography and internet-resources included. Ages 8-12, 32 pages, softcover.



Samuel Adams: A Life - eBookSamuel Adams: A Life - eBook
Ira Stoll

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