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Puppets capture children's atttention and ignite their imagination.  You can create teachable moments for children using puppets.  You will find instructions to begin a ministry with puppets as well as scripts for creative plays under Puppet Scripts & Guidance.  Learn about Making Puppets for ministry.  Puppets can be used for educational purposes and can be found under Puppets that Teach.  We have puppets for Infants to Toddlers as well as a large collections of all kinds of Puppets for Sunday School & Home.  Guide your children to make their own puppets with Puppets as Craft Projects.






 Puppets for Sunday School & Home

Police Officer, Hand PuppetPolice Officer, Hand Puppet
Melissa & Doug
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These playful plush puppets are perfect pretend play pals! With a wide selection of cute characters, active animals and delightful dinosaurs, they are easily animated, fun to play with, and assured to inspire the imagination of kids and parents alike! Each occupations puppet wears a beautifully detailed outfit, and include a wooden hand-rod to control hand movement. Measures are 6.5" x 15" x 5", and is recommended for ages 3 and up.

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 Puppets as Craft Projects

Easy-to-Make Bible Story PuppetsEasy-to-Make Bible Story Puppets
Valerie Bendt
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Easy-to-Make Bible Story Puppets includes patterns and directions for making 40 felt hand puppets. Children enjoy acting out scenes from their favorite Bible stories, thus aiding in memory retention, vocabulary development, and language skills. The puppets are inexpensive, easy to make, and durable, making them a truly valuable resource. 184 pages.

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