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Lifepac History & Geography, Grade 12, Complete SetLifepac History & Geography, Grade 12, Complete Set
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Lifepac Social Studies: History & Geography curriculum helps students to understand the world - and their place in it - through studying history, cultures and the environment. Perfect for students who flourish in a self-paced learning environment, each consumable workbook combines lessons, exercises, projects, reviews and tests.

10 Lifepac Workbooks and Teacher's Guide included. Grade 12.

Topics Include:

  • International Governments
  • United States Government
  • American Party System
  • History of Governments
  • The Christian and Government
  • Free Enterprise
  • Business and You
  • The Stock Market
  • Budget and Finance
  • Geography and Review
    Covers may vary.

    Understanding Our Economy, RevisedUnderstanding Our Economy, Revised
    Richard Churchill, Linda Churchill
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    Revised and expanded, this practical look at America's economic system clearly explains the financial world in ways your students can understand. The engaging readings, questions, games, and activities cover supply and demand; the stock market; taxation; banking; credit; debt; savings; and personal and family finance. Includes an assessment test, answer key, and glossary. Grades 6 and up. 170 pages, softcover from Walch.

    Landmark's Freedom Baptist History H160, US Gov. & Economics Gr 12Landmark's Freedom Baptist History H160, US Gov. & Economics Gr 12

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    We offer no more "social studies" but old-fashioned history and geography. The root of the word history means "knowing." It actually is a record of the affairs of mankind down through the ages of time. History provides us with examples of success and failure, of victories and defeats, and of great men with courage and character, as well as inhumane tyrants with cowardice and cruelty.

    Topics covered in Grade 12 include:

    • The Constitution of the United States
    • The Bill of Rights
    • The Three Branches of Government
    • State and Local Governments
    • Citizenship and Elections
    • Wealth and Its Ownership
    • Churches and the Social Order
    • Where Do the Poor and the Rich Come From?
    • and much more
    Set includes:
    • Studyguide: All materials for the student's academics, including text and activity questions
    • Studyguide Answers: Contains answers for the studyguide
    • Weekly Quizzes
    • Weekly Quiz Answers
    • Quarter Tests: Students take a test at the end of each 9-week period
    • Quarter Test Answers
    All Scripture used in the curriculum is taken from the King James Version.

    Making Sense of Economics, Grades 5-8Making Sense of Economics, Grades 5-8
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    Divided into four sections, students will cover the foundation of economics. Part 1 introduces basic concepts and terminology; Part 2 provides exploration and application of concepts; Part 3 includes interdisciplinary activities (Language arts, social studies, science, math & the arts); and Part 4 involves researching the concepts and principles of economics in operation today. Grades 4-8. Paperback.

    Daily Warm Ups Economics, Level 2Daily Warm Ups Economics, Level 2
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    Never waste a single minute when you fill in down time with Daily Warm-Ups! Give your students the skill to become confident at solving problems and help prepare them for standardized tests with these quick and fun Economics problems. Supply and demand, price control, the market, government systems and more are covered in these short exercises, giving your students a chance to think critically about the broad spectrum that Economics encompasses. 180 reproducible warm-ups, answers in the back. 212 pages, softcover.

    Activities for Economics EducationActivities for Economics Education
    F. Barton Truscott
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    This activities book brings real-world examples of economic institutions into the classroom. Students will record what happens when unions form, why savings banks are important, Gross Domestic Product, taxes, inflation, demand and supply and other economic issues are all discussed. Background information is supplied, along with a lesson summary, assessment, directions, objectives, charts, and questions. 89 pages, reproducible pages marked with a symbol, softcover. Grades 6-12.

    Basic Economics Grades 5-8+Basic Economics Grades 5-8+
    Karl Biedenweg
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    This overview of economics will help students make sense of the financial realities of the world they live in. Describing microeconomics and macroeconomics, students will fill in worksheets that differentiate between the two, learning how personal decisions and larger decisions affect various elements in the economic realm. Scarcity, allocation, business ownership, government, supply & demand, employment, the money cycle, global trade, and the economic cycle are covered through creative writing, internet research, graphing, charts, critical thinking, and comprehension activities. 76 reproducible pages, softcover; answer key included. Grades 5-8+.

    Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? Sixth EditionWhatever Happened to Penny Candy? Sixth Edition
    Richard J. Maybury
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    One never knew economics could be so fascinating and entertaining! Written in Maybury's trademark "letter" format, students will learn explanations of recession, money, inflation, boom & bust cycles, government spending, Gresham's Law and more. Common-sense arguments and down-to-earth explanations create a thorough look at money that's understandable for all. 157 indexed pages, softcover. Ages 9-12. 6th Edition.

    A Bluestocking Guide: Economics, 4th EditionA Bluestocking Guide: Economics, 4th Edition
    Jane A. Williams
    Retail Price: $16.95
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    Based upon the Uncle Eric Book Whatever Happened to Penny Candy, 6th Ed., this Bluestocking Guide to Economics provides reinforcing assigments and information to accompany the primary text. A variety of short answer, fill-in-the-blank, true/false, essay, thought questions and other activities are included to provide a full orbed experience. 127 pages, softcover, answers included. Non-reproducible.

    The sold-separately Economics: A Free Market Reader is a recommended companion to this study.

    Economics: A Free Market ReaderEconomics: A Free Market Reader
    Jane A. Williams, Kathryn Daniels
    Retail Price: $12.95
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    This reader accompanies the Uncle Eric book Whatever Happened to Penny Candy; the sold-separately Bluestocking Guide: Economics is a recommended companion to this book. Filled with articles and discussion questions, each chapter covers a thought-provoking economic concept, whether the constitutionality of congress appropriating money for charity or the need for a free market. Thought questions and a "what do you think" question provide opportunity for students to reinforce and reflect upon what they've learned. 127 pages, softcover.

    Capitalism for Kids: Growing Up to Be Your Own Boss, Revised EditionCapitalism for Kids: Growing Up to Be Your Own Boss, Revised Edition
    Karl Hess
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    Capitalism for Kids embraces one of the fundamental concepts of homeschooling--that children can think for themselves, even about traditionally "complex" topics. Newly revised and updated, children will easily pick up concepts of what capitalism is (and the other "isms" that it is not), what it is based upon, politics & the economy, working as a young person, entrepreneurialism, investing, volunteering, education, laws and other aspects that are integral to a capitalistic society. 191 indexed pages, softcover.

    BJU Heritage Studies: Economics Grade 12 Homeschool Kit  (Second Edition)BJU Heritage Studies: Economics Grade 12 Homeschool Kit (Second Edition)

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    Economics covers the financial concerns of the country, businesses, and the home, with Scriptural principles are applied to all areas. The text demonstrates the laws of supply and demand, plus the circular flow of income and products. It depicts the use of money, banking, and government intervention and promotes free market ideals, explaining business competitions, unemployment, productivity, and inflation.

    This kit includes:

  • Economics Student Text (softbound)
  • Economics Teacher's Edition
  • Economics Student Activities
  • Economics Student Activities Teacher's Edition
  • Economics Tests
  • Economics Tests Answer Key

    This resource is also known as Bob Jones Economics Homeschool Kit, Grade 12, 2nd Edition.



    Understanding Investment & the Stock Market, Grades 5-8+Understanding Investment & the Stock Market, Grades 5-8+
    Karl Biedenweg
    Retail Price: $9.99
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    Understanding Investment and the Stock Market is part of the Social Studies Activity Book series for grades 5-8+. This workbook will introduce the beginning investor to the basics of investing in the stock market.
  • Investment Vechiles
  • Stocks and Bonds
  • Mutual Funds
  • T-Bills
  • Diversification
  • Portfolio Management
  • History of the Markets
  • Worksheets, puzzles and more
    Softcover, 62 pages. Reproducible for classroom or home. Answer key.


    Professor in a Box: Financial AccountingProfessor in a Box: Financial Accounting
    Michael P. Licata Ph.D.
    Retail Price: $119.99
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    Prepare students interested in an accounting career with this challenging high school course designed specifically for homeschoolers! Learn about the 4 basic financial statements that publicly traded companies must prepare, the purpose of accounting, the GASB and the SEC, requirements to become a CPA, GAAP, the accounting cycle, accounting for a merchandising company, short-terms financial assets, inventories, long-term assets, liabilities, cash flow, financial statement analysis, and more.

    All material is presented in the lecture slides for each of the 12 chapters, which include a discussion of important concepts and step-by-step problems demonstrating how to work through the various types of accounting problems. Each chapter features 2-3 part flash lectures with 15 to 40 slides per part; lecture slides to print; 1-3 pages of key terms and concepts; and 4-15 chapter problems. Some of the Chapter Problems are worked in the Flash lectures as demonstration problems while others are assigned as homework. Solutions to Chapter Problems are included.

    This box includes:

  • Course Syllabus & Learning Objectives by Chapter booklet
  • Instructor CD
  • Lecture Discs
  • Pencil
  • Calculator

    System Requirements:

  • Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • 1.8 GHz Intel Pentium II or equivalent
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 4x CD-ROM Drive
  • 16 bit or higher color
  • Flash Player

    The Accounting Game: Basic Accounting Fresh from the Lemonade StandThe Accounting Game: Basic Accounting Fresh from the Lemonade Stand
    Darrell Mullis, Judith Orloff
    Retail Price: $19.95
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    Using the familiar experience of setting up a childhood lemonade stand to explain accounting concepts, The Accounting Game is a workbook that will help you learn the basics of accounting in an easy-to-understand way. Exercises will help students to learn the structure and purpose of the three primary financial statements----the balance sheet, the income statement, and the cash flow statement-----as well as the basic language of business. Expenses, bad debts, accrual vs. cash methods of accounting, FIFO and ALIFO, capitalizing vs. expensing, depreciation, and other concepts are also covered. Designed to use multiple learning styles to tap into long-term memory, examples walk students back into memories with descriptive paragraphs which use common vernacular such as "there's, like, hundreds." A narrative approach asks students questions before answering then in red font, and moving on to the next question; fill-in-charts provide hands-on practice. 179 pages with index and answer key, softcover.


    The Young Investor: Projects and Activities for Making Your Money Grow, Second EditionThe Young Investor: Projects and Activities for Making Your Money Grow, Second Edition
    Katherine R. Bateman
    Retail Price: $14.95
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    Explain the language of finance and the skill of investing to kids who will all-too-soon be managing their own finances! The Young Investor explains the general concept of money and demonstrates how saving works based on the concepts of simple and compound interest, as well as where Wall Street is located and what stocks and bonds do. With the help of an adult, they'll even learn the right way to buy or sell a stock, mutual fund, or savings bond!

    Dozens of projects illustrate how to balance a checkbook, read a stock table, and understand common financial terms such as inflation, recession, and the Federal Reserve Board. This updated edition details the current financial environment, including what is meant by a global economy, economic clues for recovery, and a special section on what mortgages are and how they work. Ages 9 & up. 144 pages, paperback. 15 black and white photos with 13 charts.


    Penguin Dictionary of EconomicsPenguin Dictionary of Economics
    Graham Bannock
    Retail Price: $18.00
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    Whether you want to follow the economic discussions in the media today, or study economics or need some knowledge of it at work (in business, finance or the public sector), this wide-ranging and accessible dictionary will prove invaluable. It explains a host of economic terms, from acceleration principle to X-efficienty, globalization to venture captiral, and from Euro to Zero-sum game. Reviased and updated for its 7th edition. This book is detailed, practical and international in scope. Its entries include: General economic terms. Economic theory, including coverage of development economics, industrial organizations, finance and game theory, as well as international monetary and welfare economics. Coverage of applied economics and major financial institutions. History of economics. Entries on individual economists who have made a definable contribution to contemporary economic thought.

    Macroeconomics Quick Study ChartMacroeconomics Quick Study Chart
    Retail Price: $4.95
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    This 4 page guide mainly consists of basic macroeconomic concepts and principles which can be used in school, home, or in the work place. Topics covered include supply and demand, market equilibrium and measuring, output/income and price level, inflation and unemployment, consultation and savings, fiscal policies, burden of national debt, aggregate demand and supply, monetary policy, federal reserve system, business cycles and much more.

    Microeconomics Quick Study ChartMicroeconomics Quick Study Chart

    CBD Price: $4.95
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    This chart outlines the very detailed subject of Microeconomics in a colorful, four-page format that is inclusive and fun for both the beginner and instructor to use. Topics covered include Supply and Demand, Elasticity, Production Costs, Monopoly, Resource Markets, Wage Determination, and much more. Graphs help to illustrate the theories and make the concepts easier to grasp.

    The Wealth of NationsThe Wealth of Nations
    Adam Smith
    Retail Price: $16.00
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    Adam Smith's masterpiece, first published in 1776, is the foundation of modern economic thought and remains the single most important account of the rise of, and the principles behind, modern capitalism. Robert Reich's new Introduction both clarifies Smith's analyses and illuminates his overall relevance to the world in which we live. - Included is a Modern Library Reading Group Guide.

    The Economic NaturalistThe Economic Naturalist
    Robert H. Frank
    Retail Price: $15.95
    CBD Price: $14.36
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    The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the WorldThe Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World
    Niall Ferguson
    Retail Price: $29.95
    CBD Price: $26.96
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