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Just The Facts Learning Series: The Judicial Branch, DVDJust The Facts Learning Series: The Judicial Branch, DVD
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The Constitution of the United States established three distinct branches of Government - the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial. Our founding fathers, in their wisdom, formed this division of government to establish the principle of separation of powers.

The Judicial Branch, the supreme law of the land charged with maintaining a watch over the Constitution, consists of the various Federal Courts found in the 50 states of the Union and the highest court, the Supreme Court, in Washington D.C. The imperative role of this branch of government is thoroughly researched in this informative production.

The Supreme Court's responsibility is to interpret all laws and ensure that they do not conflict with the founding principles of the Constitution. Examine numerous landmark cases including Marbury v. Madison, McCulloch vs. Maryland, and Gibbons v. Ogden. The challenges faced by the Judicial Branch over the history of the United States are fascinating and crucial to a complete understanding of the American political system. Noted educators and elected officials share their insight on this very important facet of American political science. 44 minutes.

Special Features:

  • Interactive Full Motion Menus
  • Scene Index
  • A Teacher's User Guide
  • Kent Newmyer on John Marshall
  • Multiple-Choice Quiz
  • Printable Documents
  • Trailers




The Supreme Court and the Judicial BranchThe Supreme Court and the Judicial Branch
Bryon Giddens-White
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Sidebar fact files, historical reproductions and photographs, and clearly written text will provide students with an exciting overview of the Supreme Court. Topics such as the origins of the judicial branch, the powers and day-to-day responsibilities of Supreme Court justices, historic Supreme Court decisions, and how the judicial branch has shaped the direction of our country, are explored. 32 pages, softcover. Grade 6.

The U.S. Supreme CourtThe U.S. Supreme Court
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Introduce the concepts of government with First Facts! This photograph-filled book is a wonderful way for young or struggling readers to learn about the United States Supreme Court. A few short sentences on each page explain the important decisions and history of the Court. With period paintings, fun facts and historical photographs, this book will help young students understand the document that shaped our nation. 24 pages, softcover. Ages 4-8.

State Judicial Branch, TheState Judicial Branch, The
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The concept of government can be hard to understand for adults, let alone kids. These beautifully photographed books are a wonderul resource for young readers, clearly explaining the basic offices and roles of officials and how they influence our world. 24 pages, softcover. Grades 1-2.

History Speaks...Judicial Branch Of The GovernmentHistory Speaks...Judicial Branch Of The Government
Julia Hargrove
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For children Grades 4-8, in workbook format, one of the books in the History Speaks . . . series. What does the Supreme Court do? Why is the Bill of Rights so important? What are my personal rights? This book contains answers to these questions and many more about the Judicial branch of the United States government. One of the best ways to encourage young people to grow into responsible citizens is to help them understand how their government works. Students will be intrigued and amazed by the facts revealed in this book, and they'll enjoy discovering for themselves the place of the Judicial branch in it all. The History Speaks . . . series involves students in examining the history of our government and understanding its impact on our present lives. Grades 4-8.



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