Diamond Duo Discussion Questions: by Marcia Gruver


 1. Annie Monroe glided off the train in Jefferson, Texas, looking like no one Bertha Biddie had ever seen before. How would you react if you met such a woman in your hometown? How do you think most people would react to a woman living a lifestyle like Annie’s?




2. What should we as Christians do when we encounter people in situations that are in stark opposition to what the Bible teaches? What did Jesus do when he encountered the woman who was about to be stoned for adultery?




3. How can I become more aware of those around me who are dealing with serious problems? Do I seek out those who are hurting because of their life choices, or do I ignore them?




4. What do you think was the turning point in the relationship between Bertha and her mama? How was it different from that of Bertha and her papa?



5. Where did Thad go wrong in his dealings with his papa?




6. Sarah experienced various forms of loss throughout the story. How did this affect her relationship with Henry? With God?






7. In what ways are Bertha and Sarah alike? In what ways are they different?







8. Although Bertha loved Thad, she stood him up to go help Annie. Why do you think she did this? Was her concern for Annie greater than her love for Thad? 





9. Are we to obey God—even when it costs us something?





10. Bertha found Annie’s confession difficult to hear, yet she held her ground, more determined than ever to help her. Annie’s list of sins might have caused a different person to deem her a lost cause. Does God make throwaway people?





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