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Latin PrimerLatin Primer 1:

Level 1: Workbook / Teacher's Guide / Flash Cards / Audio Guide

Designed for students in grades 3 & up, this workbook will equip students with a solid foundation in classical Latin. Divided into 4 seven-week units, students will learn conjugations, present/future/imperfect/irregular/future perfect, and passive verb endings, as well as demonstrative pronouns and other helpful Latin grammatical and vocabulary terms. Worksheets provide room for chart completions, translations, derivative identification, and additional review exercises.




Latin PrimerLatin Primer 2:

Level 1: Workbook / Teacher's Guide / Flash Cards / Audio CD

Designed to be used after finishing Latin Primer 1, the basics are strengthened with new concepts introduced. The fundamentals of classical Latin are covered, featuring vocabulary for everyday experiences like names of animals; verb and noun endings; adjective and adverb use; questions and commands; and other early grammar essentials. The 4th Edition is revised and expanded.




Matin LatinMatin Latin Level 1:

Level 1: Student Text / Teacher's Text / Pronunciation CD / Worksheet Practice CD-ROM

After years of teaching Latin and English in day school and homeschool, Karen Craig has produced one of the easiest, step-by-step approaches to beginning Latin. Each segment explains English grammar first, then the Latin, progressing in clear, short steps. Matin Latin 1 works through the basics of nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, and prepositions, with simple translations throughout, including two short Julia stories to close.




Matin LatinMatin Latin Level 2:

Level 1: Student Text / Teacher's Text / Flashcards

Matin Latin 2 expands significantly on verbs and nouns from Matin Latin 1, including more translation work and multiple stories. Matin Latin series parallels the bestselling Latin Primer series by Martha Wilson, with both paths leading into the following Latin Grammar text. Where the Primer series focuses more on following the classical trivium model, the Matin Latin series works more like an elementary version of the classic Wheelock's Latin, focusing first on a solid grounding in Latin and English grammar.




Latin GrammarLatin Grammar Level 1:

Level 1: Student Text / Teacher's Text

This spiral-bound book includes 29 exercises in Latin, starting with Pronunciation and continuing through to Passive Voice. Each chapter discusses Latin Grammar and is accompanied by an exercise for the student. This course may be used with the Latin Primers or Matin Latin and includes a solid review of all grammar.




Latin GrammarLatin Grammar Level 2:

Level 2: Student Text / Teacher's Text

Latin Grammar II follows Latin Grammar I as the final text in the Primer or Matin paths. Beginning with review, this text completes the grammar necessary for reading original Latin works. The latter half of the book dives into translating selections from Caesar's, Gallic Wars, Virgil's Aeneid, and Scripture's Esther and Psalms. The purpose of this text is to prepare students for reading original writings in Latin.



Our Mother Tongue: A Guide to English Grammar
Our Mother Tongue: A Guide to English Grammar

Our Mother Tongue: A Guide to English Language (Answer Key)
Our Mother Tongue: A Guide to English Language (Answer Key)


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