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Easy Chairs, Hard Words Audio CDEasy Chairs, Hard Words Audio CD
Douglas Wilson
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Therefore He has mercy on whom He wills, and whom He wills He hardens. You will say to me then, "Why still find fault? For who resisted His will?" But indeed, O man, who are you to reply against God?(Romans 9:18-20a)

Easy Chairs, Hard Words offers an honest look at many such difficult passages in Scripture. Presented as a series of fictional conversations between a curious young Christian and a seasoned pastor, these dialogues speak with clarity to those new to the Reformed faith. They begin with the question, "Can salvation be lost?" and from there wrestle with other hard-to-swallow doctrines, including the freedom of the will, election, and original sin.

Hard words, and yet the understanding given these passages is thoughtful and gentle. For our God-the God of hard words-is a merciful and loving Father, slow to wrath and quick to pardon, a triune God who graciously rescues men from death and brings them into everlasting life.

Read by Gene and Josiah Helsel.

Canon Press Audiobooks


 Family & Christian Living

Loving the Little YearsLoving the Little Years
Rachel Jankovic
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Written by a mother of 5 children, all under the age of five, Loving the Little Years is a collection of thoughts, encouragement, and practical help for mothers of young children. Rachel Jankovic talks about addressing your child's "heart matters" instead of always playing the referee. On a day when you are discouraged, tired, or feeling like nothing works, this book will inspire and give witness to what it is to look like, feel like, and act like a mother walking with God. Paperback.

Family & Christian Living


 Classical Education & Homeschooling

Classical Education & the HomeschoolClassical Education & the Homeschool
Douglas Wilson, Wesley Callihan, Douglas Jones
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This small booklet provides a comprehensive look at the reasons for Classical Education, as well as an overview of how it is accomplished in a homeschool setting. Delving into the basics of teaching logic, Latin, Rhetoric and the Christian Worldview, the authors also address questions dealing with ancient pagan texts and the importance of imagination. 50 pages with reading lists included. Paperback.

Classical Education & Homeschooling



The Shape of Sola ScripturaThe Shape of Sola Scriptura
Keith A. Mathison
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Are Protestants losing sight of the church's creeds and confessions---trading "Scripture alone" for "Scripture only"? Take an in-depth look at this foundational doctrine of the faith. Contrasting the ancient, medieval, and classical Protestant view of sola Scriptura against the interpretation of many modern proponents---and opponents---Mathison calls evangelicals to a renewed confessional consciousness. 364 pages, softcover from Canon.

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Latin Primer 1, Student Text, 3rd EditionLatin Primer 1, Student Text, 3rd Edition
Martha Wilson
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Over half of the English language is derived from Latin.

  • amateur--amo, I love
  • Montana--mons, mountian
  • Patriot--patria, native land.

These and thousands of other words we use every day keep this "dead" language-a language of kings and poets, of scrolls and secrets-alive. And this means that when we study Latin, we're not just learning about Rome-we're learning about ourselves.

Designed for students in grades 3 & up, this workbook will equip students with a solid foundation in classical Latin. Divided into 4 seven-week units, students will learn conjugations, present/future/imperfect/irregular/future perfect, and passive verb endings, as well as demonstrative pronouns and other helpful Latin grammatical and vocabulary terms. Worksheets provide room for chart completions, translations, derivative identification, and additional review exercises. Newly revised and expanded, this book covers the very basics of farming, sailing, constellations, family and body vocabulary, as well as verb and noun endings. 192 pages, softcover.

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The Book Tree: A Christian Reference to Children's Literature (2nd edition)The Book Tree: A Christian Reference to Children's Literature (2nd edition)
Elizabeth McCallum, Jane Scott
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Once upon a time, a carpenter entered a forest and happened upon a wolf wearing a feathered cap. Quick, whose side are you on? If you don't know, then keep reading. Stories provide a roadmap for life. This is because stories are life. But oftentimes it's easiest to understand where we are when we can look through other eyes-from the perspective of someone else, living somewhere else, somewhen else.

If you thought you knew The Book Tree, think again. Jane and Elizabeth have updated this charming book with over 100 new book reviews, and whimsical illustrations from recommended titles are scattered throughout. New formatting and four indexes (title, author, illustrator, and subject) make it easier than ever to browse for that next well-worn favorite.

For those beginning to read for the first time or those beginning to read again, The Book Tree will drop golden apples in your lap, until you can climb high enough to pick for yourself. Paperback.

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