Sweet Caroline, Low Country Series #1Sweet Caroline, Low Country Series #1
Rachel Hauck
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When ownership of a country bistro falls into Caroline Sweeney's lap, she wants to drop it like a hot potato! But she soon discovers she loves the restaurant business---till her blossoming relationship with country musician Mitch O'Neal threatens to place it on the back burner. Can a devastating fire help Caroline sort it out? Will she finally put herself first, instead of taking care of everyone else and not herself?


 Sweet Caroline Discussion Questions: by Rachel Hauck


1. In the first chapters of the book, we discover how Caroline has fallen into a pattern of giving up her wants to help others. Discuss a time in your life where you gave up your goals and dreams to serve others. What was the outcome?



2. Raised with a troubled mother, Caroline fell into the roll of caring for her Dad and brother, bearing an emotional burden. How can we bear one another’s burdens while each one caring their own weight? Do you carry burdens that are not yours?



3. Caroline’s friend Hazel offers her an amazing opportunity. Did it come at the right time? How does Caroline respond?



4.  Country star Mitch O’Neal wrote a song about cruising over the “yellow line.” What picture is he painting? What yellow lines have you crossed and how did you respond?



5.  Caroline decides to give J.D. a chance. Discuss her motivation and hope in this.



6. What personal value did Caroline learn from her Daddy? Discuss the importance of setting values early in our lives.



7.  The first time Caroline goes to church, God touches her. Discuss a time when you felt distant from God and He reached out to you in mercy and love.



8. Caroline has a heart for people and giving. Discuss a few ways she demonstrated this?



9. Giving inspires giving. While Hazel is touting Caroline’s virtue to her boss, Carlos, what does Caroline discover about the Café and the cook, Andy Castleton.



10. Caroline makes a gutsy decision to turn down Mitch’s proposal. Why does she do this? Do you agree?



11. This story is about inheritance. Caroline inherits things from her Mama, Jones and Jesus. Discuss Carline’s tangible and intangible inheritances.



12. Caroline muses how her life changed the day a man died. Discuss the double meaning of her insight.



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