Died in the WoolDied in the Wool
Elizabeth Ludwig, Janelle Mowery
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Hoping to procure much needed funds o buy computers for her beloved library, Monah Trenary is battling for monies donated to the city of Pine Mills. When a rival for the revenue ends up dead, Monah is one of the prime suspects. Could she have killed for computers? Pine Mills police detective Mike Brockman is dismayed when he finds evidence that monkshood and Monah appear to be a lethal combination. As bodies begin piling up, Monah and proven sleuth Casey Alexander step up their own investigation. Will they clear the librarian's name before she's booked for murder?


 Died in the Wool Discussion Questions: by Elizabeth Ludwig, Janelle Mowery


1. Mike and Monah knew each other in high school, yet it took years for them to become attracted to each other. Is the timing better or worse now than years earlier? Why?


2. When Monah’s secret is revealed, she feels her worst fear comes true. What was her worst fear? Have you ever felt something similar? How did you come to grips with the situation? How has it shaped your life?


3. Monah tells Casey that she was adopted. What were Monah’s feelings about being adopted? How did the revelation make Casey feel? Have you been touched by adoption in some form? How did it affect you?


4. With which character do you most strongly identify? Why?


5. Monah was suspected of murder. Have you ever been wrongly accused? How did it make you feel? How might one rise above false accusations?


6. Monah struggled with a poor self-image even though she was a strong Christian. Why is it difficult for some Christians to see themselves as valuable in the sight of God and fellowman?


7. Devastated by her husband’s adulterous relationships, Dena Drolen felt driven to murder. While most people don’t go to this extreme, they do experience other very strong emotions. Why do you believe this is so? What help might you offer to someone whose spouse is involved in a similar situation?


8. Greed played a large part in the motive behind the murder. What are some of the more subtle effects of unchecked greed? Under what conditions might you allow greed to take root in your own life?


9. Though Mike and Monah love each other deeply, their relationship suffers from a lack of trust. How important is building trust in a dating/marital relationship? What kinds of things destroy trust? How can it be restored?


10. Fearing the police department wouldn’t track down the killer, Monah and Casey took matters into their own hands and began an investigation of their own. Were they wrong to do this? Why or why not? How much of their investigation actually put them in danger?


11. Friendships tend to lead us closer to God, or further away, depending on the kinds of friends we have. Monah and Casey were more than just friends—they were encouragers and accountability partners. How important was this to the story? How important is it to you to have someone hold you accountable?


12. By the end of the story, Monah has learned some valuable lessons regarding her faith and her walk with Christ. What were some of these lessons? How did surviving a trial like she did bring her closer to God?




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