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Max Q for Youth LeadersMax Q for Youth Leaders
Andy Stanley, Stuart Hall
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Today's teens live in a pressure cooker boiling with social, cultural, and religious tensions. How can they be influential for Christ without being negatively influenced themselves? Offering real-world insights, Stanley and Hall share six key principles critical to developing effective student leaders---setting standards, establishing priorities, maintaining accountability, accepting unconditionally, sustaining influence, and using leadership wisely.

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Max Q Student Journal


Up 2 U: It's Your Life, Choose WiselyUp 2 U: It's Your Life, Choose Wisely
Andy Stanley, Heath Bennett
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You Can Have the Life You Want
You're on the brink of life! Sure, you've had one for a while now, but the teen years are the prime time to define the rest of your life. But how, realistically, can you secure a regretless future in the face of so many major, life-changing decisions? Now, by asking just one simple question, you'll make the best decision every time. And a bright future--one with no lumps in your throat, sinking sensations in your chest, or weight on your shoulders--will be yours! From dating dilemmas to career aspirations, you can confidently chart a successful course in every area of your life. But no one else will do it for you. It's entirely up to you.

The Seven Checkpoints for Youth Leaders: Seven Principles Every Teenager Needs to KnowThe Seven Checkpoints for Youth Leaders: Seven Principles Every Teenager Needs to Know
Andy Stanley
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This book will give every teenager the knowledge and encouragement he or she needs to face the world and remain true to Jesus. In this powerful book, popular pastor and nationally recognized speaker Andy Stanley outlines the seven principles--the irreducible minimum--that teens need to maintain in their lives in order to be victorious in their faith. Through the pages of this powerful, interactive book, teens will learn how to keep each other accountable and encouraged in their quest to live out the "7" in their lives.

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The Seven Checkpoints Student Journal



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