Truth Seeker on CD-ROMTruth Seeker on CD-ROM
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Featuring stunning visual effects, 30 fighting levels, and original music, this exciting game challenges you to take up your sword and battle the malicious weeds that are polluting peaceful Pacifico with lies! But be careful! Your most vital weapon will be discerning the truth!


Redemption: Victory at Hebron CD-ROMRedemption: Victory at Hebron CD-ROM
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After a miraculous crossing of the Jordan river, the Israelite army defeated Ai, Jericho and the great army of the Amorites. Now Joshua and Caleb set their sites on Hebron, the City of the Beloved. Their spies that they had sent ahead to reconnoiter the area have not returned for several days and this has caused great concern. As a member of the Elite guard, you feel obligated to help these men and volunteer to enter the town on a solo mission to determine the fate of your missing comrades.


Deliverance: Moses In the Pharaoh's CourtDeliverance: Moses In the Pharaoh's Court
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It's a mission-based, goal-oriented game that has at its core a powerful biblical message! An exciting action-adventure game that features exploration and conversation as well as intense arcade-style confrontation.


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