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Phonics Firefly GamePhonics Firefly Game
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Lights! Sounds! Phonics action! This friendly, talking firefly---with a vocabulary of over 500 words---guides children through seven motivating, interactive games. Kids learn to say the alphabet, recognize and name letters, identify their sounds, and spell simple 3-letter words! For ages 3 and up. Features volume control and timed automatic shut-off. Requires four AA batteries (included). From Kidology.


Phonics Modular Flip ChartsPhonics Modular Flip Charts

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Unique snap-together flip charts are an engaging, hands-on way to teach and reinforce basic phonics skills. Comprehensive set includes eleven modules that can be snapped together in multiple configurations to build key skills. Three modules with consonants, two with vowels, one with vowel pairs, one with beginning blends (br, gl, sn, etc.), one with ending blends (ck, nd, st, etc.), two sets with digraphs, and one set with r-controlled vowels (ar, er, ir, or, ur). Combine in any number of ways for a variety of word, spelling, and phonics activities. Charts are 6" x 4". Includes activity guide. Grades 1 and up.











Understanding Sentences, Reading for Comprehension SeriesUnderstanding Sentences, Reading for Comprehension Series
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50 Lesson cards with comprehension questions for reading levels Grades 2-5.




Speed GrammarSpeed Grammar

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Speed Grammar is a collection of three fun bingo-style games that reinforce six important parts of speech - nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, and prepositions. With its color-coded cards and matching game shakers, Speed Grammar offers a fast-paced alternative to traditional grammar worksheets. Perfect for small groups and center learning. Grade 3+; Age 8+. For 2-4 players per game.










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