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     Play Money

    Canadian Currency-X-ChangeCanadian Currency-X-Change
    Retail Price: $17.99
    CBD Price: $12.99
    ( In Stock )
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    Save, spend, earn and learn! Set contains 94 plastic Canadian coins and 100 Canadian bills (realistically sized!), sturdy sectioned money tray, plus suggested activities.

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     Math Manipulatives

    Ten Row AbacusTen Row Abacus
    Retail Price: $17.99
    CBD Price: $13.99
    ( In Stock )
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    Introduce foundational math concepts with a classic, colorful, hands-on learning tool! All children---but especially your kinesthetic learners---will be drawn to this freestanding abacus sporting 100 plastic beads in five different colors. Comes with an activity guide packed with ideas for teaching number recognition, counting, grouping, sequencing, addition, subtraction, and more. Ages 5 and up.

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     Learn to Tell Time

    Big Time Student Geared ClockBig Time Student Geared Clock
    Retail Price: $8.99
    CBD Price: $7.19
    ( In Stock )
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    A great way to help kids grasp time-telling skills. Hidden gears maintain correct hour and minute relationships. Durable plastic student clock is 5" in diameter.

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     Rubber Stamping

    Brown/Chocolate Scent Stamp PadBrown/Chocolate Scent Stamp Pad
    Retail Price: $4.99
    CBD Price: $4.49
    ( In Stock )
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    Stamp and sniff! These stamp pads not only have neat ink colors, but each washable color has a different, delicious scent! Non-toxic.

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     Reading Helps

    Phonics Firefly GamePhonics Firefly Game
    Retail Price: $49.99
    CBD Price: $41.99
    ( In Stock )
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    Lights! Sounds! Phonics action! This friendly, talking firefly---with a vocabulary of over 500 words---guides children through seven motivating, interactive games. Kids learn to say the alphabet, recognize and name letters, identify their sounds, and spell simple 3-letter words! For ages 3 and up. Features volume control and timed automatic shut-off. Requires four AA batteries (included). From Kidology.

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     Hot Dots

    Hot Dots More Subtraction Flash Cards (13-19)Hot Dots More Subtraction Flash Cards (13-19)
    Retail Price: $9.99
    CBD Price: $5.50
    ( In Stock )
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    Get rid of those old flash cards and electrify math learning with these six sets of 50, two-sided, Hot Dots cards for use with the Hot Dots Power Pen (sold separately). Each card features an equation with possible solutions. Children respond by pressing the Power Pen on an answer dot - correct answers are rewarded with lights and sounds from the Pen, or a Booing for incorrect ones. May also be used as conventional flashcards. Grade level: Preschool+. From Educational Insights.

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