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Marie Curie and RadioactivityMarie Curie and Radioactivity
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Read the story of how Marie Curie discovered radium like you never have before! Re-envisioned as a graphic novel, this action-packed, non-fiction book will appeal to even those typically non-enthusiastic about reading and history. Vividly illustrated with historical notes providing context, the studious efforts and experimentation of Curie are captured in a format for a new generation of readers. 32 indexed pages, softcover. Grades 3-6.

World History Biographies: Marie Curie, The Woman Who Changed the Course of ScienceWorld History Biographies: Marie Curie, The Woman Who Changed the Course of Science
Philip Steele
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Marie Curie was not only one of the most distinguished scientists of her time, she was also the winner of two Nobel Prizes, in an era when women in the sciences was anything but encouraged. Growing up in Russian-occupied Poland, she was born into an intelligent family who nurtured her education. Famous for her discovery and isolation of radium, her discoveries led the way for many advances in energy and medicinal fields. With photographs, quotes, illustrations and a running timeline, this is a thorough look into the life of a woman who broke through the barriers in her life. 64 pages, indexed, softcover.

Marie Curie and the Science of RadioactivityMarie Curie and the Science of Radioactivity
Naomi Pasachoff

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Now for the first time, Oxford offers the general public a series of readable, accessible biographies of major scientists. These illustrated biographies combine intelligible technical information with compelling personal stories to portray the scientists whose work has shaped our understanding of the natural world. In this inspiring biography, Naomi Pasachoff reveals the many sides of Marie Curie: wife, mother, professional woman, scientist, and celebrity. Throughout her life, Curie's passion for science propelled her to make do with little. Her first laboratory was an unused corner in her husband Pierre's workplace. Her second was a rude shed, where her experiments with uranium led to her discovery of radioactivity and to two Nobel Prizes. Pasachoff also investigates touchier episodes of Curie's life; her affair with a married colleague after her husband's death, and the harsh treatment she received from the French press. Using clear, understandable language, Pasachoff details Curie's scientific discoveries and the legacy she left through her research, her teaching, and her lifelong commitment to the welfare of humankind.

Marie CurieMarie Curie
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Introduce your very youngest students to historical figures! Preschool students will learn about Marie Curie's major life events, from her childhood to her adult years. A time line in each book captures important details and a summary is provided at the end. Ages 4 & up. 24 pages, softcover.


Marie Curie: DK BiographyMarie Curie: DK Biography
Vicki Cobb
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Filled with archival photographs and amazing fact boxes, the DK Biography series introduces young readers to some of history's most interesting and influential characters. Marie Curie tells the story of the discovery of radium by Madam Curie, as well as her life's story from childhood to her death. 128 pages, paperback. Ages 10-17.


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