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 Bible Studies: Evangelism-Outreach

Reimagining Evangelism DVDReimagining Evangelism DVD
Rick Richardson
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Sharing our faith in Christ is much more difficult than it was in the past. We now live in a post-Christian and pluralistic culture that does not respond well to traditional evangelistic efforts. But sharing the good news is not optional. Through this DVD, which is designed to be used with the Reimagining Evangelism Participant's Guide and Rick Richardson's book Reimagining Evangelism, you will gain insight into and develop skills for sharing Christ with your twenty-first-century friends.

Using a variety of formats--vignettes, conversations, role plays and animation--this DVD will help you develop spiritual friendships by:

  • identifying activities you enjoy that you can invite friends to participate in
  • discovering your gifts that can be used in developing spiritual friendships
  • being thought-provoking by using the four basic spiritual discernment questions
  • committing to listening to nonbelievers before jumping to respond to tough questions
  • sharing your personal story of transformation
  • learning two diagrams for presenting the good news of God's kingdom
  • using questions to discern how to help friends take the next step toward Christ


How to Tell the Bad News/Good News - DVDHow to Tell the Bad News/Good News - DVD

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Ideal for Sunday School Classes, Small Group studies, or individual use, this DVD teaches the Bad News/Good News approach to sharing the gospel.

This method is easily grasped and has freed up thousands of believers to share the good news of Christ clearly and consistently.

Created to accompany the How to Tell the Bad News/Good News Worksheet.

Talking Faith: an Eight-Part Study on Growing & Sharing Your FaithTalking Faith: an Eight-Part Study on Growing & Sharing Your Faith
Heather Kirk-Davidoff, Nancy Wood-Lyczak
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Talking Faith is not about teaching people what to believe or about going door-to-door in an evangelism campaign. It is about helping people to better understand and develop their own faith and helping them to be comfortable in sharing their faith with others. Heather Kirk-Davidoff and Nancy Wood-Lyczak believe that the key to nurturing faith lies in two Christian practices: prayer-conversation with God; and evangelism-conversation with others, especially those who are not part of a faith community. Talking Faith is for anyone interested in exploring further what it means to have a vital Christian faith. There are no other prerequisites. Participants need not have any Bible knowledge before they begin. Incorporating Bible study, interactive activities, and discussion, Talking Faith examines eight questions of faith. During each class, participants sing and pray and share their faith with one another. In all classes, Jesus Christ and the Bible are central to the discussion. All topics are examined in light of Jesus' life, ministry, witness, death, and his resurrection, helping participants to see Jesus as the foundation from which all conversation about Christian faith begins.

Revolution, Student Leadership University SeriesRevolution, Student Leadership University Series
Jay Strack
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Effective Campus and Personal Evangelism Do your teens know how to just share the gospel and how to live it effectively—in a way that makes a real difference in their world? Dr. Strack shows young people the integral skills needed to dig deep into God's Word and find guidance for themselves as they lead others to Christ. 128 pages, softcover from Nelson.


Witness: Learning to Share Your Christian FaithWitness: Learning to Share Your Christian Faith
Ronald Crandall
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"We're all witnesses to something or someone," writes Crandall. "As Christians we're Christ's witnesses. It's our identity, not merely something we do or don't do."

Witness guides you to learn more about your faith and to speak invitationally with others about beliefs. Crandall has outlined a 25-week small group study that focuses on the important parts of faith. Through Bible study and group interaction, you'll identify your gifts for ministry and learn to witness to others in a natural and effective way.

"Witness is the perfect resource to persuade people that witnessing is a personal (and possible!) faith mission. Using Witness as our sole programming . helped our members achieve a greater comfort level in faith conversations," writes one pastor.

Embark on a journey where you'll be challenged to discover who you really are, what you believe and what really matters in your life.

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