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Answers Academy: Biblical Apologetics for Real Life!Answers Academy: Biblical Apologetics for Real Life!
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Finally, a curriculum to equip you to understand the world through biblical glasses, and to answer the questions our culture is asking about the authority and accuracy of the Bible. During the thirteen DVD lessons that are the foundation of this "apologetics power pack", you will discover why it is vital to provide logical answers to skeptics, and how to give those answers with a solid understanding of what the Bible says about the relevance of Genesis, geology and astronomy.

Viewers will learn a solid creation-based worldview and that, contrary to popular belief, operational science runs counter to the idea of evolution and "millions of years." The facts of nature, rightly interpreted, provide an irrefutable case for the accuracy and trustworthiness of the book that claims to be the inspired word of the Creator Himself!

This Kit Includes:

  • 13 programs on 13 separate DVDs (30 minutes each)
  • A 240-page Leader's Guide with reproducible tests
  • 5 participants workbooks (96 pages each)
  • 5 Full-color 11" x 17" advertising posters
  • Reproducible bulletin inserts with space for your details

    Demolishing Strongholds Answers in Genesis CurriculumDemolishing Strongholds Answers in Genesis Curriculum
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    The statistics regarding modern-day youth church attendence and adherance to traditional Christianity is abysmal. Demolishing Strongholds sets out to strengthen the foundational issues of the Christian faith, including why the Bible is the authoritative Word of God, understanding the "Culture War", and exposing the bankruptcy of evolution.

    Each lesson includes a few minutes of laying the groundwork and using an included object lesson before watching the DVD; this is followed by a "Get Into the Word" segment, conclusions and homework. The Teacher's Guide contains all these elements, including exact reproductions of the student workbook with correct answers overlaid. A CD-ROM with a digital presentation and printable resources is also included.

    This Kit Includes:

  • 4 DVDs--13 Lesson Segments
  • 1 Teachers Guide, 112 pages, softcover with CD-ROM
  • 1 Student Workbook, 79 pages, softcover.

    Featured Speakers include Ken Ham, Bill Jack and Carl Kirby.

    Answers in Genesis All-in-One Pilgrim's Progress Combo PackAnswers in Genesis All-in-One Pilgrim's Progress Combo Pack
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    Aside from the Bible, John Bunyan's timeless allegory is the best-selling book of all time. Now go beyond reading this edifying story and truly experience it! This 'combo pack' contains everything you need for a curriculum or in-depth study of The Pilgrim's Progress.

    The all-in-one curriculum text features the full-length, illustrated version of The Pilgrim's Progress along with discussion questions at the end of each chapter. A unit study, character analysis, annotated Scripture references and more are included, as well as a student CD with printable pages of questions, activities and illustrations!
    The Audio CD is read by over fifty different actors, and includes over five hours of exciting dramatic interpretation of the unabridged classic, featuring emotion-stirring music, sound effects and more---will inspire your own spiritual journey.

    A Special Edition softcover book of The Pilgrim's Progress is included as well, for those that want a smaller & lighter version to read on the go, or to have an extra copy of the text on hand.
    This Kit Includes:

  • All-in-One Curriculum Book; 496 pages, hardcover
  • Special Ed. Pilgrim's Progress; 288 pages, softcover
  • Dramatized Audiobook CDs; 5 hours on 5 CDs--boxed.

    Answers in Genesis All-in-One Pilgrim's Progress CurriculumAnswers in Genesis All-in-One Pilgrim's Progress Curriculum
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    No more flipping back from book to study guide! This unique, all-in-one curriculum for the Pilgrims Progress is a self-contained book, commentary and study guide on one of Christanity's classic novels. The full page text is the original, with no modern word substitutions; black and white illustrations of important scenes are included throughout. Within each chapter are side boxes with contextual information about the characters Christian encounters along his journey, Biblical truths, Christian history and more; applicable Scripture cross references are placed alongside the margins. Vocabulary words and memory verses are also included. Completing each chapter of text are the study portions with comprehension and Biblical questions, creating writing and drawing exercises and more. This oversized book has plenty of room for writing answers and drawing pictures with a clear font to refer back to. A unit study, character analysis, bonus information about John Bunyan and a Student CD with printable extension activities are also included! Chapters are designed to accompany the Audio CD instead of the original chapter divisions, but this can be certainly be used as a stand alone study. 496 pages, hardcover.

    How Do We Know the Bible Is True? DVD SetHow Do We Know the Bible Is True? DVD Set
    Brian Edwards
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    How did the Bible come to be? What is the significance of Jesus' death? Join Brian Edwards in this essential primer on Christian apologetics. You'll learn about the origins and canonicity of Scripture, meet Bible translator William Tyndale, and encounter Jesus of Nazareth. Perfect for family devotions, group study, and more! Four DVDs, approx. 3 hours total.

    DVDs Included:
    • Scripture under Scrutiny
    • Why 66? The Canon of Scripture
    • The Life of William Tyndale
    • The Authentic Christ

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