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The Beauty of the Unity and the Harmony of the Whole: The Concept of Theosis in the Theology of Pseudo-Dionysius the AreopagiteThe Beauty of the Unity and the Harmony of the Whole: The Concept of Theosis in the Theology of Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite
Vladimir Kharlamov
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The Beauty of the Unity and the Harmony of the Whole traces the emergence and development of deification in Greek patristic theology and its transformation into the concept of theosis in the writings of Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite. Here Vladimir Kharlamov discusses deification in the context of its historical development while avoiding the common tendency of treating it in an anachronistic manner. Significant attention is given to the influence of Neoplatonism on Pseudo-Dionysius, noting at the same time his sophisticated synthesis of Christian and Neoplatonic elements (especially in his exposition of theosis) and importance of his influence both on the further development of Christian theology, and on the advancement of the Neoplatonic tradition. Comprehensive analysis of the development of the deification theme opens possibilities for further study of Trinitarian and christological formations. Readers interested in Christian spirituality, late antiquity, early Christian theology, and Neoplatonism will find this book useful.

Rethinking Dionysius the AreopagiteRethinking Dionysius the Areopagite
Sarah Coakley(Eds.) & Charles Stang(Eds.)

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"Dionysius the Areopagite," was the noted sixth-century Christian writer once thought to be Paul's first convert in Athens as mentioned in Acts 17. While his identity was later believed to be someone other than Paul's convert, the writings of "Pseudo-Dionysius" connected Christianity and Neoplatonism in highly controversial ways. New interest in his "apophatic" thought however, has renewed a sense of fascination with the writings of Pseudo-Dionysius (known as the Corpus Dionysiacum), especially when considering the field of mystical theology.

This volume, one of the first in English to survey the receptive history of Dionysian thought both in the East and West, provides a clear account of the debates about Pseudo-Dionysius' standing as both a philosopher and Christian theologian. Using a team of international scholars Re-Thinking Dionysius the Aeropagite will prove a critical aid to the study and understanding of Pseudo-Dionysian thought throughout the Christian tradition and up to the present day.

Divine Light: Theology of Denys the AreopagiteDivine Light: Theology of Denys the Areopagite
William Riordan
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During one of his missionary journeys St. Paul delivered a message of the One, Unknown God (Acts 17:22) in the city center of Athens, Areopagus. Present among the Athenians that day was a certain Denys, or Dionysios, who later became a disciple of Paul. Centuries later, when a corpus of writings appeared bearing the name of the "Denys the Areopagite," these texts were considered to be the very writings of the same first century disciple of the Apostle Paul. As a result these works achieved immediate prominence, and had profound influence upon the lives of St. Maximus the Confessor and St. John Damascene in the East, as well as St. Bede, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. John of the Cross, and a many other great minds in the West.

While later historical studies of Denys' texts showed conclusively that these writings are of a later date however, the extraordinary brilliance of the texts themselves has been in no way dimmed. Divine Light is a focused exposition of Denys' theological understanding with particular attention to the illuminating metaphysical depth of his insight. Care has been taken to prepare a text that is readable for the serious laymen while accompanied with footnotes to provide a more detailed background for the academic scholar.

Denys the AreopagiteDenys the Areopagite
Andrew Louth

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The writings ascribed to the Athenian convert of St. Paul, Denys (or Dionysius) the Areopagite, made their first appearance the early sixth century. Since then, through the Renaissance and beyond, they have exercised an enormous influence on Christian thought, both in the East and in the West. Yet who their author was remains in soluble mystery. This book explores Denys' theology, which draws both on the great Greek theologians of the fourth century - the Cappadocian Fathers - and on the stridently pagan philosophical tradition of late Athenian Neoplationism, as well as showing affinities with the Christian thought of Syria. In this comprehensive introduction, Andrew Louth explores Denys' theology, presenting a compelling vision of the beauty of God's revelation, joined with a profound awareness of the ultimate mystery of the unknowable God.

Pseudo-Dionysius: The Complete Works (Classics of Western Spirituality)Pseudo-Dionysius: The Complete Works (Classics of Western Spirituality)
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Prepared by a research team of six scholars, this contains all of the known works of the enigmatic 6th-century writer whose wedding of NeoPlatonism with Christianity (i.e. angelology, deification of humanity) was to be influential in mysticism for centuries.

Pseudo-Dionysius and the Metaphysics of AquinasPseudo-Dionysius and the Metaphysics of Aquinas
Fran O'Rourke

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Barring Aristotle, Pseudo-Dionysius was the fifth and sixth century theologian Thomas Aquinas quoted more frequently than any other writer through his extensive treatises. Surprisingly, very little attention has been paid to the role of Pseudo-Dionysius in the formation of Aquinas' philosophy. Fran O'Rourke, in Pseudo-Dionysius and the Metaphysics of Aquinas is the only author to investigate the pervasive influence of Dionysius' Neoplatonic thought on Aquinas, while examining the latter's profound originality.

O'Rourke discusses topics such as knowledge of the absolute, existence as the first and most universal perfection, the diffusion of creation, the hierarchy of creatures and their return to God as the final end. O'Rourke devotes special attention to the Neoplatonic elements present in Aquinas' thought, noting his emphasis on "being" as a particular degree of perfection or intensity. O'Rourke also considers the relation of being and goodness in light of Aquinas' nuanced reversal of Dionysius' theory on the primacy of good, and Aquinas' arguments for the transcendental nature of goodness.

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