Teaching Writing: Structure and Style--10 DVD's and WorkbookTeaching Writing: Structure and Style--10 DVD's and Workbook
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Winner of multiple awards and recipient of many enthusiastic mom-approved reviews, Institute for Excellence in Writing's Teaching Writing: Structure & Style is a video seminar for teachers/parents that presents a system of structural models and stylistic techniques that work for students of all ages. Stressing modeling and building a firm foundation of basic skills, students practice each format and develop confidence along with creativity.

Six DVDs are included with teacher training, as well as three 2-hour demonstrations of the first step being taught to students at three different grade levels. Simply watch the DVD and present that lesson to the student. The included Binder Workbook contains sample lesson plans, ideas, graphic organizers, support, examples and more information to make teaching as easy as possible.

Included student workshops on DVD also allow for grade-specific information to be taught alongside the nine units: 2nd-4th Graders learn about key word outlines, adverbs and strong verbs; 5th-7th graders learn how to write an outline from a report and dress up their writing with adverbs, noun clauses, strong verbs and more; 8th graders and more advanced students covers key word outlines, note taking, paragraph writing and study skills. A bonus "Tips and Tricks" DVD is included as well. See Teaching Writing More Product Information for detailed information on the nine units taught in this program.

Teaching Writing: Structure & Style teaches nine units that can be adapted for students of any age from 2nd grade through adult studies.

Unit I:  Note Making and Outlines
Teaches students to make a "key word outline," preparing them to be freed from the problem of what to write about so they are able to focus clearly on how to write well.

Unit II: Summarizing from Notes
Builds on Unit I by showing students how to use style checklists to improve prose with strong verbs, quality adjectives, adverbs, clauses, sentence openers, decorations and more. 

Unit III:  Narrative Stories
Shows students a basic story structure and develops their ability to write stories using familiar stories as models.

Units IV and VI: Summarizing References & Library Reports
Prepare students to take notes from their sources and write library research reports without confusion and frustration. Presents a clear and powerful Topic/Clincher paragraph model. 

Unit V: Writing from Pictures
Uniquely taps students' creative energies by writing stories from a series of one to three pictures.

Unit VII: Creative Writing
Gives students a method to "get information out of their brain" to use when writing anything, from short expository and descriptive essays to a decent letter to Grandma.

Unit VIII: Essay Writing
Provides students with the skill of writing formal essays of five or more paragraphs, developing the foundation for high school and university writing.

Unit IX: Critique Writing
Concludes the course, teaching a solid structure for book reports, reviews, and critiques.