Teaching Writing: Structure & Style teaches nine units that can be adapted for students of any age from 2nd grade through adult studies.

Unit I:  Note Making and Outlines
Teaches students to make a "key word outline," preparing them to be freed from the problem of what to write about so they are able to focus clearly on how to write well.

Unit II: Summarizing from Notes
Builds on Unit I by showing students how to use style checklists to improve prose with strong verbs, quality adjectives, adverbs, clauses, sentence openers, decorations and more. 

Unit III:  Narrative Stories
Shows students a basic story structure and develops their ability to write stories using familiar stories as models.

Units IV and VI: Summarizing References & Library Reports
Prepare students to take notes from their sources and write library research reports without confusion and frustration. Presents a clear and powerful Topic/Clincher paragraph model. 

Unit V: Writing from Pictures
Uniquely taps students' creative energies by writing stories from a series of one to three pictures.

Unit VII: Creative Writing
Gives students a method to "get information out of their brain" to use when writing anything, from short expository and descriptive essays to a decent letter to Grandma.

Unit VIII: Essay Writing
Provides students with the skill of writing formal essays of five or more paragraphs, developing the foundation for high school and university writing.

Unit IX: Critique Writing
Concludes the course, teaching a solid structure for book reports, reviews, and critiques.