As you know my daughter has struggled in math for approximately 3 ½ years. I have hired tutors and asked for help in each grade level without much luck.  She was falling farther behind each year and this year it was so noticeable that she did not even know the basics…I am so pleased with her progress that I would like to recommend this math computer program to anyone…The devotion that my younger child has put into this math program is amazing…Again, thanks so very much for helping my child. 
-Joyce Dunn (parent)

I never thought that I could achieve soo much! It was a true miracle! Now I help my friends on the problems they have!
-Shariah Dunn (child)

I still can't get over my 4th grader who made it to 7th grade material! And 10,000 points! (Note: one point is a correct answer).
-Mary Tomlinson

I am finally enjoying math.  This program is wonderful.  I can't say it enough.  God bless the program developer!!!
-Bill Prince

I loved the program so much that I have encouraged others to sign-up.  I think at least two people I work with have purchased iPASS for their children and have been extremely pleased with the results.
-Wendy  Lacey


WHOO HOO!!!!!!!! AARON A PASSED ON HIS OWN!! I actually teared up while grading it. He made a 75 on it. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!
-Darlene Baker

I have to say that I am extremely supportive of the "mathematical" appearance of the graphics. In terms of instructional time, there is no time wasted on foolish cartoons.  
-Eve Laufer

I love the fact that I am able to go at my own pace.  I learn better on the computer about fractions than I ever did when I first learned them.  
-Dionne Stephens

You have the best customer service in the WORLD.  I am not just saying that, if everyone worked like you, life would be even more pleasant.
-Doug Wollbrinck

First of all, I have to share that I have been in education for 31 years and iPASS is the most motivating and successful program for students that I have ever utilized!  Thank you on behalf of mathematically challenging students!!
-Bruce Katz

The individuality in differentiation this program provides for each student is AMAZING!
-Sarita Boozer

…and – more important, she understands the logic behind the math – she is able to figure out prices in stores, distances, and time problems – without the agony that involved all of these situations before!
-Janet Tiger

I am a homeschooling parent who is interested in your program for math.  My children used it when they were in public school and had great success. 
-Marisa May