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Keil & Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament, 10 Volumes: Updated EditionKeil & Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament, 10 Volumes: Updated Edition
C.F. Keil, F. Delitzsch
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A triumph of rigorous scholarship and sound theological judgement, Keil & Delitzsch remains one of the most popular Old Testament commentaries available. This commentary set includes a discussion of the nature of Old Testament literature, introduces each book of the Old Testament, and offers in-depth analyses of the Hebrew text. While the content is unchanged, its format has been updated, and some errors from the original have been corrected. This edition is newly typeset in modern, easy-to-read type, Arabic has been transliterated, biblical references have been changed from Roman to Arabic numerals, and long paragraphs have been broken into shorter ones so that the work is easier to read. Finally, please note that this edition does not include a CD-Rom.

Other features include:
  • Proofreading of all Greek and Hebrew words
  • Modernization of abbreviations
  • A custom-designed font that is more readable than the original
  • Standardized formatting for each volume (the original had different formats in each volume)
  • Movement of the commentary on Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther from volume three to volume four (to make each volume a more consistent length)
  • Continuous pagination in each volume, with a separate table of contents for each volume

  • **Please Note: This edition of the Keil & Delitzsch Old Testament Commentary does not come with a CD-Rom.**



    Pulpit Commentary Set, 23 volumesPulpit Commentary Set, 23 volumes
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    This is one of the largest homiletical commentary sets of its kind giving verse-by-verse exposition, a translation, historical and geographical information, followed by the homiletics section, homilies by numerous authors, a homiletical index to the Bible, and a complete general index volume. There are 95, 000 entries featured. in this commentary set. This set is a must for any preaching student or pastor.

    Word Studies in the Greek New Testament, 4 VolumesWord Studies in the Greek New Testament, 4 Volumes
    Kenneth Wuest
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    A wealth of information on most of the Greek New Testament--all in non-technical language! This reader's companion series clarifies many of the English words that do not fully capture the meaning of original Greek words. Includes topical word and devotional studies, book studies on most of Paul's epistles, and Wuest's New Testament--An Expanded Translation.

    Wuest used interpretative material based on the Greek text, some original with the author and some selected from other Greek authorities such as Marvin Vincent and Henry Barclay Swete.

    The order of the Greek words has been preserved as much as possible so the reader may see where the Greek places the emphasis. Polished diction has been sacrificed in the in interest of clarity and a closer adherence to the style and force of the Greek text.

    • Volume One: Mark, Romans, Galatians, Ephesians and Colossians
    • Volume Two: Philippians, Hebrews, The Pastorals Epistles, First Peter, In These Last Days
    • Volume Three: Golden Nuggets, Bypaths - Treasures - Untranslatable Riches - Studies in the Vocabulary, Great Truths to Live By
    • Volume Four: The NT Translated by Wuest



    John MacArthur's Pastor's Library, 3 VolumesJohn MacArthur's Pastor's Library, 3 Volumes
    John MacArthur
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    If you read his commentaries, listen to his sermons or tune in regularly to his Grace to You radio program, you know that John MacArthur has built his life and his church on the rock of Scripture. Now, in his Pastor's Library Series, Pastor MacArthur helps Christian ministers around the world: preach the Word with Power, minister with the passion of the Apostles and provide competent, biblical counseling. This Pastor's Library is bound to become an essential resource for evangelical pastors and church leaders.


    The Works of Jonathan Edwards, 2 VolumesThe Works of Jonathan Edwards, 2 Volumes
    Jonathan Edwards
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    Discover why the fiery sermons of Jonathan Edwards sparked the Great Awakening of 1740

    Widely recognized as a great theologian, an influential preacher and a prolific writer, Jonathan Edwards played a prominent role in helping to spark the spirit of revivalism known as the Great Awakening in the eighteenth-century America. Edwards' sermons, while intellectually engaging, were also accessible to the common people and often generated highly emotional responses. His foremost desire was to help people transform from mere believers in Christian doctrine to converted Christians who were moved to action by the principles of their belief.

    This two-volume set features Edwards's most celebrated expositions, including The Freedom of the Will and The Religious Affections, plus Henry Rogers's Essay on the Genius and Writings of Jonathan Edwards---a work you won't find in any other Edwards collection. First published in 1834, here is what makes this new edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards the best available:
    • More readable. This edition has larger, more readable type than previous editions.
    • More complete. This edition contains all matter included in the first collected American edition, various original extracts from the diary and papers of Edwards, several smaller pieces printed originally in a separate form, and a memoir by descendant Sereno E. Dwight.
    For anyone interested in the roots of Christianity and revival in colonial America, The Works of Jonathan Edwards is a fundamental resource.


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