Remembered, Fountain Creek Chronicles #3Remembered, Fountain Creek Chronicles #3
Tamera Alexander
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In book 3 of the Fountain Creek Chronicles, Veronique Girard sets off to Colorado Territory from France after the death of her mother. She is searching for her father, who set off to make his fortune in American as a fur trader twenty-five years ago. Unfamiliar with the language, customs, and the land, Veronique sets out on a dangerous journey to find a man she doesn't remember and answers to her questions.

Jack Brennan has been working himself to death for the past fifteen years as a wagon guide to block out the pain of his wife and son's death. Now, he is ready to settle down in Willow Springs. When he is thrown together unexpectedly with Veronique, he becomes involved with her quest to find her father, but that is not the only way she has the potential to change his life.


 Remembered Discussion Questions: by Tamera Alexander

Warning! The Discussion Questions contain “spoilers.” So if you haven’t read or finished reading the book yet, these will ruin a few plot surprises! 

You don’t have to use every question. You can pick and choose, or add one of your own!



Be ready for the last question – to share your favorite scene in Remembered. But we’ll give you some time to think on that one!




1.    In the prologue, we are introduced to a new character to Fountain Creek Chronicles, Véronique Eveline Girard from Paris, France. Véronique’s life is turned upside down by her mother’s last request.   What is that request?   And what is her reaction to it?   Has your life ever been “turned upside down” by a request made from someone who knew what they were asking, even though you didn’t understand it at time?   Did God make it clear what the purpose was?   (Because sometimes we find the answer on this side of eternity, and sometimes we don’t.)



2.     For thirteen springs, Jack Brennan revisited a certain spot on the Oregon Trail.   Why?   And what was the purpose of his final visit in Ch 2 of Remembered?   What was the significance of this event in his life?   Have you ever experienced this type of “turning point” in your life where you said goodbye to someone or something and purposefully moved on with your life?   How did God “meet you in that moment?”



3.    In Ch. 2, we learn that Véronique is afraid of heights. Yet she’s determined to overcome that fear (pg. 38). Do you share her fear? Or do you have another fear that others might consider “silly” but that’s very real to you?







4.    On pg 68 (Ch 6), Jack catches Véronique at an inopportune time, so to speak. What about that scene was most enjoyable to you?







5.    On pg. 75, Véronique is told, “…And for the record, just because you’re capable of doing something, ma’am—like listing this advertisement—doesn’t necessarily mean you should.” What did she learn from that incident?   Have you ever found this statement to be true in your own life?   And if yes, what was the thing you were capable of doing but shouldn’t necessarily have done?





6.     Véronique is a fan of John Donne’s poetry (John Donne was a real historical figure), specifically his Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions. Have you ever read any of these devotions? And what significance did the portion of the selection at the bottom of pg. 93 have in Véronique’s life? What significance does it have in yours?





7.     On pg 97, Véronique takes another step to locate her father. What repercussions did this step have for her?  Have you ever sought someone out, perhaps a birth mother or father?  Or a brother or sister you just now found out was living.  What did your search yield?



8.    On pg 121, Jack Brennan meets Miss Maudie (from Rekindled and Revealed).    What is the situation that has occurred and what are some character traits that we learn about Jack from this setting?   And about Miss Maudie?   Have you ever had an “older person” in your life with whom you shared a special connection?







9.    On pg. 129, Jack tells Véronique in no uncertain terms that she won’t be accompanying him to the mining town that day. Their discussion centers around the term “modesty.”   What does Jack say about her dress (pg 130) and what do you think about his assessment?   Especially from the male point of view?   Is he right on?   Or mistaken?







10.    On pg. 144, Véronique surprises Jack (and herself) by taking action! What does she do and how do you think this reflects on her inner character? Have you ever acted impulsively, with the best intentions of course <g>, only to realize you’d acted rashly and without thought?






11.    On pg. 153, we meet a familiar character who has made appearances in all three Fountain Creek Chronicles novels. Who is it and what were Véronique’s impressions of this character? What are your impressions of him? And how do outward appearances cause us to misjudge people today?






12.     Véronique and Lilly Carlson share a special relationship in Remembered, and Véronique is quick to come to Lilly’s aid when she discovers the girl is having a struggle.   What is that struggle (pg. 162) and how did the course of Véronique’s “helping” evolve over the novel? What were the repercussions of Véronique’s offer?   And what did she conclude at the end (however well meant her intentions, see pg. 323)?   Have you experienced this type of hindsight in your own life?





13.     On pg 171, Jack and Véronique had a “discussion” about the attraction between a man and a woman.   What was the “object lesson” Jack used to her help understand the physical desires he struggled with?   And what was the outcome of that lesson?





14.     On pg. 201, Jack seeks to buy the land he’s been looking at.    At what point in the novel did you realize who the owner of that land was?    And what was your reaction?    How did this man’s actions (his kindness) affect Larson and Kathryn Jennings in Rekindled?





15.....Jack pays homage to a man in Ch. 24 (pg 215).   Who is it, and what had this man done for him?   Who are these people in your life (that paved the way for you to be where you are now, but who are no longer living)? 






16.     Véronique experiences a special “remembrance” of her mother on pg. 240.    What did you think about this experience she had?     And have you ever shared anything similar?






17.    At the end of Ch 28 (pg. 250) we learn about an important event in Jack’s life.    What was this event (more details are given later on pg. 307)?    And how did it affect him years later?    Is there a particular incident in your past that has had a profound influence on how you view life?   If it was a negative experience, what have you done to consciously work through the aftermath, and have you asked God to help you?






18.     Jack gives a gift to Vernie (pg. 287).What is this gift?   Scent is a powerful reminder.   What are certain smells that “take you back” to certain moments in your life?   And did you know that this lotion is still made today, and is available through Bath and Body Works! <grin>



19.    Jack and Véronique met someone on one of their mining treks (pg. 294) that was a familiar character from Rekindled. Who was it and when did you realize who it was?






20.    A twist comes near the end of Remembered when Véronique reads a letter written to her (pg. 318-320).    Who wrote this letter and how did it change Véronique’s view of her father?    How did Jack try to help her view this new information?  Have you ever held a preconceived idea about someone only to later learn information that proved that opinion invalid?





21.      What are your thoughts on the final scene before the epilogue (pg. 372)?   What was going through your mind as Véronique was staring at that picture of “her bridge” in Paris?



22.     And finally, we’ve come full circle to question #1 – what was your favorite scene in Remembered?



Rekindled, Revealed and Remembered are the three volumes in Fountain Creek Chronicles. Discussion questions for available for the entire series.



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