Valley of Betrayal Discussion Questions by Tricia Goyer


1. Prior to reading A Valley of Betrayal what did you know about the Spanish Civil War? Had you ever heard about it? If you were familiar with this particular war, did the novel change your thinking or aid in your understanding of what the war was about?


2. The novel opens with Sophie going to Spain to marry her true love, Michael. Once she finally gets to Spain, and finds Michael, what changes? Discuss the expectations Sophie has at the beginning of the story with the reality of what she finds.


3. Discuss the ways in which Sophie is forced to leave behind her girlish naiveté during the course of the story. What events change her, how does she see herself, and why does she stay?


4. How does God use what seems to be a huge mistake on Sophie’s part for His Glory? What does that tell us about the Sovereignty of God? Looking back why do you think God brought Sophie to Spain?


5. We see Sophie and Phillip slowly and steadily drawn to God, each in their own way. Parallel their progression with your own walk/conversion. Discuss the similarities/differences.


6. Some could say that Phillip is an unknowingly a redeemer figure in the story. Would you agree or disagree. Does another character fit that role better? How?


7. Discuss the similarities/differences between Ritter and Deion. Are they both fighting for a cause they truly believe in? Or are they in this war for other reasons?


8. Discuss the ways religion and the church in Spain have become muddled and corrupted by the politics of the time. What is it that Father Manuel wants to change and what is he afraid of? How does Father Manuel mature during the course of the story?


9. Ritter is a confused individual. What truly motivates him?


10. Discuss some of the ways that the Providence of God is portrayed in the story. Relate that to your own life. Share how you have witnessed God’s providence in your own life.


11. Discuss Walt’s character. What is his role/purpose in the story? What is he up to?


12. In what ways does Sophie discover God’s strength? How does she use the strength offered to her by God?


13. Discuss the themes of truth and deception in the story. Look at each character and notice what element is at work in their life—truth, deception or both. In what ways are they being deceived? In what ways are they finding truth? What is the end result? Can you apply this to your own life?


14. What spoke to you most in this book?



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