Crimson Eve, Kanner Lake Series #3Crimson Eve, Kanner Lake Series #3
Brandilyn Collins
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On a lovely evening in Kanner Lake, realtor Carla Radling shows an "English gentleman" a lakeside estate---and finds herself facing a gun. Somebody wants her dead! On the run, Carla uncovers secrets from her past that could destroy some very powerful people. What can stop the assassins from trying again?


 Crimson Eve Discussion Questions: by Brandilyn Collins


Carla Radling is completely surprised and betrayed when her client, Englishman David Thornby, turns out to be not only a fake, but someone who seeks to do her harm. It’s such a shock that at first she thinks it’s all a joke. Have you ever been betrayed by someone? What was your initial reaction, and how long did it take for it to “sink in” that the betrayal was real? Why do you think our first reaction is often denial?



The “Crimson Eve” sunset that Carla sees in Kanner Lake is also mentioned when we first meet Tanya, who lives near Seattle. Beyond reflecting the title of the book, why do you think the author used this same visual for both characters?



As Carla flees her pursuer, she refers to painful memories of the past. Have you had to come to terms with issues from your past? How have you dealt with those memories?



Real estate shopper David Thornby turns into hit man Tony Derrat. He is also a husband and father. Does your perception of him change as you find out more about his family?



Driving for her life, Carla cries out, “You’re doing this to me, aren’t You, God.” Why would she blame God for her troubles when she’s never really thought about following Him? Do you know people who never think about God except to blame Him when something goes wrong?



As the diary entries unfold, these chapters often pick up on a word or phrase from the preceding chapter. Why do you think the author did this?



Carla’s diary tells of a young woman leading two lives. Even as she makes wrong choices, did you still feel sorry for her and empathize with her? Why? What did reading her story teach you about people you know who have made wrong decisions?



Tony Derrat is also leading two lives. While the life Tony wants to portray to the world is husband and father, Carla’s role as a mother is the life she is trying to hide. Do you think the author created this juxtaposition purposely? What ironies and truths does this discrepancy bring to the story?



When Brandon, the car salesman, appears, how does this change the tone of the story?



Brandon, too, apparently has a past that hasn’t been all pleasant, yet he seems to have pulled out of it. How does this make him different from Carla and Tony? What can Brandon teach those characters—both older than he is—and what can he teach us?



Desperation begins to spread – Carla’s still on the run and Tony is beginning to make more and more mistakes. What are their sources of desperation? How have desperation and fear affected your own decision-making?



The diary finally reveals Carla’s source of pain in her past—and why she questions God. Have you ever questioned God’s intent for your life? What can you do to find answers?



Leslie tells Carla that turning to God is like turning on a light in a dark room. You’re still in the room, but now you have light to help guide you. What do you think about this statement? Can you point to Bible verses that reference God as a light to guide our paths?



When Tanya finally confesses, she also questions God—why didn’t He do something to stop the horrible event from happening? Leslie reacts with the thought, “Maybe He did, Tanya—maybe He put you there so you could stand up for the truth.” Do you think that sometimes when we blame God, it is really ourselves who are to blame? Any examples from your own life?



Carla finally strives for light in her life. As she unravels the lies of her past, she begins to reconcile with God. Will forgiveness still elude her though she now lives for the truth? Or has Carla received all the forgiveness she needs?



After you finished the novel did the three quotes in the beginning about “the past” hold more meaning for you?



What does Crimson Eve tell us about our past and God? What truth did you glean from this book that you can use in your own life?




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