Where My Heart Belongs - eBookWhere My Heart Belongs - eBook
Tracie Peterson
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Twelve years ago, spoiled Amy Halbert changed her name, demanded her share of the family money, and dropped out of sight. Now as her father lies dying at the family farm in Kansas, Amy shows up out of nowhere. Her father is overjoyed to see her and learns that she has come to know the Lord. Before he dies, he begs his older daughter, Kathy, to be a good sister and welcome Amy back into the family.

But Kathy struggles with the old feelings of betrayal and bitterness that consume her. How can she forgive someone who brought such misery into their lives? Throughout the tumultuous summer, the two women sort through not only their parent's belongings, but also a past full of questions and pain. Will both sisters find their way home again?


 Where My Heart Belongs: Discussion Questions by Tracie Peterson

1.  This story deals with the story of the prodigal son, only from a woman's perspective.  What character do you best relate to in the story of the prodigal son - the son who remains at home, the son who leaves home, the father who waits, someone else?

2.  Thinking about the story character of Sunny/Amy what do you think are the strongest motivating issues that cause her to leave home in the first place?

3.  Consider Kathy's character - what are her motivations to stay?

4.  There is a constant theme of Kathy feeling she had no choice in the decisions she made for her life. Can some decisions be thrust upon us and leave us without a choice?  Give an example of why you believe this is true or not true.

5.  Sunny felt the need to go back and make amends with the past in order to move forward with her future, why should this be important?

6.  Have you had to make amends with your past choices in order to move forward with the future?  Maybe share an example and the outcome.  Also consider what the motivation for such an action might have been.

7.  Kathy had a hard time forgiving Sunny for her actions. Why do you believe this was the case, even though Kathy was a Christian?

8.  Have you ever experienced a situation where it was hard to forgive and let go of the past hurts given you by others?  What are some positive steps to forgiving and forgetting?

9.  What is the purpose of forgiveness - especially in family situations?

10.  Kathy's character is just as sinful and flawed as Sunny's, but there are issues that won't allow her to see this for herself.  What are some of those issues and how can a person overcome to accept their own responsibility in the choices and decisions they make?

11.  The past can't be relived or physically changed, but can it be overcome and amended?  What are some ways to help a person deal with letting go of the past wrongs done to them and wrongs they've done to others?

12.  Kathy's sacrifices made her bitter, and instead of joyful or even content.  Has this happened to you?  If so, what are some ways you can turn this around in order to find joy, contentment or at least peace?

13.  Often the motivation of our sacrifices seems to be one thing, when in fact it is founded on something entirely different - What kind of problems/issues can motivations create? How can be honest with ourselves and others regarding the motivation for our actions and words?

14.  From the father's perspective in this story, he only longed to reclaim the lost child and see his family restored.  Have you experienced a situation like this, and if so how has that experience related back to your relationship with your Heavenly Father?

15.  God is the Father who stands with open arms to welcome the prodigal child home, but those who are in the position of being the child who remained at the Father's side, need also to emulate the Father.  How can we learn to welcome home our prodigals without judgment for their mistakes or punishing them for their past?


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