A Sister's Test Discussion Questions: by Wanda Brunstetter


1.    What do you think was the hardest test Ruth had to face? How did she deal with each of her tests?


2.    What do you think caused Ruth to be so despondent? Was it what actually happened to her during the accident she was in, or did her thoughts and attitudes about what happened make her feel depressed?


3.    Ruth’s aunt, Rosemary, helped Ruth through the roughest times. Can you think of anyone who’s helped you during a difficult time?  Did your relationship become stronger because of the help they gave you? What are some ways you can help others going through depression?


4.    What was there about Rosemary that made her able to reach Ruth when others in the family could not?


5.    Do you think Ruth didn’t want to love again because she had lost so much and was afraid if she found another man it would be dishonoring Martin’s memory? What does the Bible have to say about remarriage when one’s spouse dies?



6.    What were a couple of tests that Ruth and Abe had in common? What test did Abe have that Ruth did not? How did Abe cope with the tests he was faced with?


7.    Abe’s oldest son, Gideon, felt guilty for the loss of his younger brother. Was the accident really Gideon’s fault? Have you ever felt responsible for something that wasn’t your fault? How did you come to grips with it?


8.    Why do you think Ruth’s father, Roman, wouldn’t notify the sheriff whenever they suffered an attack?


9.    Why was Roman so unforgiving toward his sister? Do you think he was being unreasonable? Have you ever carried a grudge against someone who did something that hurt your entire family? Was the situation between you and that person resolved?


10.     Why do you think Rosemary’s husband destroyed the letters she’d written to her family? If you’d been Rosemary, would you have kept writing anyway? Do you think she gave up because she felt that her family no longer loved her? Have you seen a real-life situation similar to the one Rosemary experienced?



11.   Do you think Cleon realized he was favoring his new baby over Grace’s daughter, Anna? Were any children in your family favored by your parents? Were you the favored or neglected one?


12.    How does it affect a child when one of their siblings is favored? Do stepchildren often feel less loved and accepted than biological children? Is there anything a child can do when they feel as if a sibling is favored?


13.     Everyone in Ruth’s family had a different idea about who might be responsible for the attacks being made on them, yet no one had any real evidence. Is it human nature to try to figure things out on our own and jump to conclusions before we know the facts? What might be a better approach to such a problem as the Hostettlers faced?


14.    What was the most important thing you learned from reading A Sister’s Test? Was there one thing in particular that helped strengthen your faith?


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