A Dream for Hannah, Hannah's Heart Series #1 (rpkgd)A Dream for Hannah, Hannah's Heart Series #1 (rpkgd)
Jerry Eicher
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Hannah Miller’s Amish faith is solid. Her devotion to her family and Indiana community is unquestionable. Yet her young spirit longs for adventure and romance. As troubling circumstances give her good reason to spend the summer at her aunt’s Montana horse ranch, Hannah soon discovers she has much to learn about life and love.

Her heart is awhirl with emotion as she dreams about her future. Sam, the boy Hannah has known all her life, is comfortable and predictable. Peter is the wild one, the boy who is on rumspringa. And Jake is unpredictable, intriguing, and living in the Montana wilderness.



 A Dream for Hannah Discussion Questions: Jerry Eicher


1)    Was Hannah wrong in becoming so starry-eyed when she first found the love poem?


2)    Is the pressure Hannah felt in grade school to have a boyfriend universal, or is it only a Western phenomenon?


3)    Are there better ways in which Hannah could have resisted Peter’s charms?


4)    What additional methods could Kathy and Roy have used to help Hannah overcome her guilt at Peter’s death?


5)    Have you ever considered a trip to Montana and its combination of big sky country and mountains?


6)    Hannah experienced emotional healing while working around Betty’s horses. Do you know of anyone in pain who could benefit from a similar experience?


7)    Jake struggles with his own hurts from being rejected, and it played a large part in his misunderstanding of Hannah. Are there better ways of dealing with hurts, so that overreactions can be avoided?


8)    What caused Hannah to believe that because she found a suitor unattractive, it was possibly closer to God’s will?


9)    Betty makes a lot of assumptions about her sister Kathy’s desires for Hannah’s future. Was she just a poor communicator, or too wrapped up in her own world?


10)    Do you think Jake would have gotten over his bitterness and wanderings, if Hannah and Betty had not met him on the bus?




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