The Restorer's Son Discussion Questions: by Sharon Hinck


1. Kieran responds to the One’s call with a variety of reactions—from confusion to resentment to stubborn rebellion. Have you ever felt as if God were calling you to a deeper walk with Him or to some special task? Can you relate to any of Kieran’s feelings?


2. In the first book, Susan dreamed of being like Deborah in the book of Judges. Gideon is another leader from Judges, and he answered God’s call by saying, “If the Lord is with us, why has all this happened to us?” (Judges 6:13). What similarities do you see between Gideon’s story in chapter six of Judges and Kieran’s path?


 3. Kieran’s spiritual journey also contains some parallels to the accounts of Jacob (see Genesis 32) and Jonah (see Jonah), and other biblical heroes who had tempestuous encounters with God. How have you wrestled with God at difficult times in your life? 4. Many characters in this story struggle with conflicting priorities. What did you see as driving goals for Mark and Susan, Kieran, Zarek, Tristan, Nolan, and other characters in the story? 


4.   Do you have clashing priorities in your life? What are some of the forces that are pushing you in two opposing directions? How do you resolve that tension? What ways do you find guidance through difficult decisions? 


5. Although His plan isn’t always obvious at first, the One is working out a design rich with love and grace throughout the story. Which plot thread resonated the most with you in regard to how the One’s intentions were revealed and developed? (Kieran? Hazor’s people? Nolan? Mark? Susan? Jake? Linette?)


6. The Old Testament is full of “Christ-types”—prophets and leaders that provide a symbol or foreshadowing of the true Messiah that is to come. Do you see ways that the Restorers are foreshadowing an ultimate Deliverer for the People of the Verses? What qualities in the Restorers (Mikkel, Susan, Kieran) reflect hints of a Christ-type figure, and what qualities clearly show that they are not the ultimate Deliverer?


7. Did you spot the three Restorer’s Sons in this story? Markkel is the son of a Restorer. He was expected to bring restoration, but brought it in an unforeseeable way. Nolan is the son of the current Restorer and begins a road toward healing. Jake is the son of Susan the Restorer, and may have his own calling to face in the future. Which of the three sons in the story do you think had the most challenging path? Why?


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