Seasons in the Mist Discussion Questions: Deborah Kinnard


1) Is time travel possible, faced with an omnipotent God? Should a believer use his common sense to say something’s not doable? Or is this a violation of faith? Do we limit God by saying something’s impossible?


2) Bethany has as her main challenge, regaining her close walk with God. She’s sent to live in a time when everyone believes. How would a believer in such an environment lose his or her faith?


3) Michael privately questions why God allowed so many innocents to die of the pestilence. When disaster happens on so overwhelming a scale, where does the believer find understanding and a deeper faith?


4) Bethany has to cope with living as a Christian while fostering a spirit of untruth. Can these two spiritual states ever walk together? Can you think of circumstances where it’s acceptable to lie?



5) If time travel is possible, did Bethany do wrong by saving Lady Alys’s life?



6) Have you ever faced a situation where both possible choices seem wrong? How did God help you sort out the right path from our human inclination to go our own way?



7) When Brother Simon treats Bethany, he cites several superstitions the medieval people associated with healing. Do we of the present day still harbor superstition? What current ideas might a time-visitor from 600 years in the future find laughable?



8) What do you think the biggest challenge would be, if you were to travel back to 1353?



9) Medieval Europe was almost exclusively Christian in culture and outlook. Would your walk with Christ be easier in an environment 99% Christian, or more difficult? Why?



10) When Bethany first landed in 1353 Mossock, she was frightened but not terrified. Why do you think she reacted this way? Would you react as she did?



11) What part did ambition play in Bethany’s life? In Michael’s? Would you say either of them was ruled by ambition?




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