The GuardianThe Guardian
Robbie Cheuvront, William Reed
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When she's appointed as the guardian of a 2,000-year-old scroll, Anna Riley wonders if her faith is strong enough to save herself---and humankind. Her protector, Jason Lang, fears his love for Anna might cost them their lives. With only a few human and angelic allies, will they unlock the mystery of the scroll in time?


 The Guardian Discussion Questions: by Robbie Cheuvront


1. In the opening scene, Anna meets the young boy and is faced with a decision to act on faith. What situations or circumstances have you faced in life that have required you to act on faith?


2. When Anna is facing the decision to leave New Orleans and go to Pittsburgh, she is not yet a believer. However, God gives her the grace and mercy needed to act, which sets her on a course to meet God. In what ways did God show you grace and mercy as you were on your way toward Him?


3. In a defining moment for Anna, she meets her parents to inform them of all she has experienced and learned about the family history, but she is met with their skeptical assertions that cause her to doubt everything. Describe how skeptical friends or family in your own life have caused times of doubt in your faith.


4. Anna felt a sense of betrayal from her parents because they had told her that her grandfather (Thomas Riley) had died when she was young. What situations or circumstances have you faced in life where you felt betrayed by someone, perhaps even close friends or loved ones? How did you deal with them?


5. Anna is told that it is her destiny to be the guardian of the scroll, and she wrestles over her ability and faith to do it. In what ways have you struggled with discovering God’s plan for you? What doubts or insecurities have you faced in trying to accomplish it?

6. The Guardian is less about an adventure to unlock a scroll’s secret and more about Anna’s faith journey. At what point in the story do you believe her heart began to truly open to God? What examples or evidence bring you to this conclusion?


7. From Father Vin to Jason, God knew exactly what people to put in Anna’s life and when to put them there. In what ways has God strategically placed people in your life at the right times and seasons? Discuss some examples.


8. How does Jason begin to have an effect on Anna’s life? What are the different ways? What were some of the key moments that show this?


9. Cardinal Wickham in this story is in pursuit of the scroll as he works for Satan. What has brought Wickham to this place in his life? How has Satan deceived him and used him? In what ways do some of the things Satan does still happen in how he operates in our world today?


10. Joseph McCoy finds himself catapulted into the middle of this cosmic battle because of his misguided aspirations and dreams for fame and power. Have you ever fallen into temptation like this? How can our enemy use this against us and God?


11. Anna’s last battle before achieving victory happens on the beach with Satan (who is in the form of a serpent). In this moment, Satan does his best to cause Anna to have doubt by bringing up her sinful past. In what ways does Satan still attack you by bringing up your past? How can you combat this?


12. At the end of the book, Anna finally has to walk by faith and not by sight as she enters the water and is forced to trust God completely. What times or moments in your life have you faced “faith not sight” experiences that have required you to put trust completely in God’s hands, not your own?


13. What feelings, thoughts, and emotions did the Epilogue stir in you?


14. As believers, it is easy to say to ourselves that if God called us to do something that required a complete change of direction in our life, or required us to leave behind everything that was normal for us, we would do it. But if you were put into Anna’s shoes, how do you think you would respond? If God clearly called you to make some radical change in your life, what obstacles do you foresee in your life now that would make that change difficult?


15. What lessons or “take-aways” have you learned from The Guardian? How can this story be used to strengthen your own faith?



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