Colleen Coble
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Proverbs 6 holds the key to a serial killer's next move! When the self-appointed "Destroyer of Evil" targets Eve Alexander, she flees with her 2-year-old daughter to Michigan's remote Upper Peninsula. But when her search-and-rescue team discovers a body at a nearby geocaching site---with the murderer's deranged trademarks---Eve must fight back before she's next! 352 pages, softcover from Nelson.

 Reader Questions


1.    Gideon’s life spiraled downward because of his obsession over a wrong, and he really had been harmed. Have you ever obsessed over something and what did you do to put it behind you?


2.    Eve and Nick had a second chance to correct a relationship gone wrong.  But sometimes it’s hard to forget the past. List three things you could do right now to turn around a relationship that’s gone bad for you.


3.    Nick and Eve’s marriage suffered because of Nick’s skewed priorities toward his job.  What is the most important thing in your life right now?  What should it be?  If your priorities are in the wrong place, what can you do today to turn it around? 


4.     Is there some talent or part of your personality that you believe you would never be able to forget, just as Eve innately remembered her ballet? How does that happen?


5.    Bree was showing God’s love to a stranger when she took in “Elena.” In today’s world, many times we’re afraid to reach out to strangers. How can we overcome that tendency and become the salt we’re meant to be? 



6.    Law enforcement personnel today face such horrific things. Nick wanted to make a difference, be a hero. Do you think he was the exception or the rule among law enforcers?


7.     How can you be a hero in your circle of influence?


8.   Have you ever seen Swan Lake? If so, what was your favorite part and why?


9.   Had you ever heard of geocaching before reading Abomination? Why do you think it’s become so popular?


10.   What did you feel when Gideon told his daughter she had to learn to deal with the situation at her grandmother’s?


 11.   What theme came through to you in Abomination


12.     When you’ve read Proverbs 6, have you ever worried that you’re guilty of something God considers an abomination?

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