All I'll Ever Need, Claire McCall Series #3All I'll Ever Need, Claire McCall Series #3
Harry Kraus, M.D.
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Interview, Excerpt

After a near rape, Dr. Claire McCall is in counseling when she uncovers a shattering truth. Then her assailant escapes from jail, she's accused of euthanizing a terminally ill patient, and another death shakes her world to its core! Can it all be coincidental---or is there something more sinister behind it?

 All I'll Ever Need Discussion Questions: by Dr. Harry Kraus

1. Claire McCall now sleeps with a gun beside her bed. Her mother Della claims it represents her fear of the future. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Della’s thoughts are insightful. Claire is facing down the fact that she carries the Huntington’s Disease gene, a future of progressive physical decline and significant loss, professionally and personally. Keeping a loaded gun at her bedside is a symbol of her desire to control her future.


2. Nancy Childress comes to Dr. Jimmy Jenkins with an unusual request. What drives her request? How does Dr. Jenkins react? How would you react to such a request?

The request is to euthanize her husband who is suffering in the late stages of cancer. Dr. Jenkins reacts with surprise and the struggle that would face any physician sworn to protect life and relieve suffering. I would react by helping guide the family towards a decision to pursue hospice care and would not withhold needed narcotics for pain relief.


3. Finally in the midst of retirement, Dr. Jimmy Jenkins finds himself with more time on his hands. Holding a secret from his wife takes a toll. When he finds his wife unconscious, what do you think was racing through his head?

He faces the tension of regret for his unfaithfulness to his wife as well as the frustration of not being able to unburden his soul because of her sudden death.


4. Death shows up in many ways in Stoney Creek. There are those who fear for their long-term health, those knocking on the gates of heaven, and those dealing with the passing of a loved one. How do its residents deal with each stage?

Nancy Childress feels angry and helpless as her husband approaches death. She responds by a desire to take control and hasten death.


This is a contrast to how the McCall family can face Wally’s death knowing the hope of the resurrection.


5. John Cerrelli ignores the continuing affections of Ami Grandle. How would this unwanted attention make you feel? Would you handle it similarly to John?

Caution…no, red lights! Stay away and report the advances ASAP.


6. After another restless night, Claire turns to words of C.S. Lewis she copied into her Bible. "We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be." Do you agree with this statement? Have there been times in your life you’ve doubted and/or wondered?

We all face doubts, especially in times of pain. I think God is bringing us to a place where we understand that God’s grace isn’t just evident when we escape an automobile accident (for example), but is present when he allows the accident to happen. Sometimes the best is pain, but a smart person once said that Christians will not move to the place God wants us to be until the pain of staying where we are is less than the pain of the place he wants us to be.


7. Dr. Jenkins asks Della McCall to go to the Childress house with him to provide extra support. Both Nancy and Della are wives to men with terminal illness. What do they share in common? What makes them different?

They share the common link of seeing the suffering of those they love. Della, however, can face death knowing the hope of the resurrection.


8. Claire begins to doubt John’s faithfulness. How does Ami Grandle perpetuate Claire’s misgivings? In your opinion, what is Ami’s motivation?

Ami is motivated to do anything she can to sow doubt into Claire’s heart about John’s faithfulness. Why? She is infatuated with John and wants to steal him from Claire.


9. Despite roadblock after roadblock, Claire and John make it to their wedding day, only to be faced with her father’s death. Why do the police target Claire as the cause of Wally’s death? What would you do in Claire’s situation?

Claire is set up to appear very guilty. To tell you how the set-up takes place would give away the ending!


10. While Claire is in jail, helping the other inmates helps drive off despair. How do you cope with troubling times in your life? How do you support others?

Living a life saturated with grace is what allows that grace to spill over into the lives of those around us. Living with grace in sharp focus means we A, Acknowledge our need and B, Believe the gospel promises, and C, spend time in Communion with God to allow the gospel to penetrate every area of our souls. This is what I call the ABC’s of spiritual resuscitation! For more about this, see my book, Breathing Grace: What You Need More than Your Next Breath.


11. The truth finally comes out about Nancy and Ami. How did you react to such deception? Put yourself in Claire’s shoes. What would your reaction be now?

Careful, I don’t want to give too much away! One and probably all of the following: Understanding. Sympathy. Anger.


12. As Claire is released from jail, she sees her husband waiting for her and feels freedom as never before. Where do you see Claire and John in the future? What obstacles might they still need to overcome?

Claire faces a life with the overhanging cloud of Huntington’s Disease, physical decline, marital stressors and eventual debilitation. They face tough decisions about whether or not to have children.


13. It’s traditional for family and friends to shower a newlywed couple with advice on their wedding day. Since John and Claire are finally able to celebrate their union, what advice would you give them now?


Hold fast to Christ, the one who has showed his faithfulness to you in times of joy and pain.


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