Nobody Discussion Questions: by Creston Mapes


1. When Hud first drove to the Civic Center North bus stop, his motives appeared pure. So, what went wrong? What temptations overtook him? Can you relate in any way?


2. Discuss the times you’ve been overcome by sudden sinful temptations, and the negative long-term fallout some of those snap decisions may or may not have had.


3. Proverbs tells us repeatedly that wisdom comes from God, and implies that wisdom and understanding are two of the most vital things for which we can pray. Do you pray for wisdom? Review “wisdom” in Proverbs and discuss.

4. Hud begins chapter five by saying, “I should have gotten the cops involved right then.” But he didn’t. Look up Luke 12: 15 and discuss.


5. Holly was a Christian. How is it that she found herself in an abusive relationship with Ken Van Dillon? Why was it so difficult to escape?


6. Discuss Holly’s friendship with Chester. Are you part of any similar mentoring relationships? Talk about those and the impact they’ve had.


7. When Chester’s wife died, he turned to the church for solace. To a great extent, his walk with God was based on works. Has this ever happened to you? Discuss.


8. What are your motives when you serve? Do you ever find yourself attempting to please man, rather than Jesus? Do you serve as a result of peer pressure and man-made obligation, or is it because you’ve met with God, He’s shown you what He wants, and you are being obedient? Discuss.


9. Does it ever seem as if you need to guard yourself from being pulled into too many service obligations? But, that sounds so un-Christian, doesn’t it? Discuss.


10. Discuss the following scripture, how it relates to Chester, and you: “The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit (John 3: 8)”


11. Pastor Banyan Scribe was out to build a magachurch and gain worldwide fame. What events ultimately humbled him and how did those events impact you?


12. Read the poem, I Stand by the Door, at the end of the book, and discuss it as it         relates to Chester, and as it relates to you. (This is a can of worms…enjoy!)

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