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Wondermaps on CD-ROMWondermaps on CD-ROM
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Maps are an integral part of many homeschooling projects, from lapbooks to notebooks to posters. Created by homeschooling publisher Bright Ideas Press, Wondermaps is destined to become a go-to resource! A customizable, printable collection of over 350 maps, Wondermaps are designed with easy-to-use layers that allow you to customize features such as:
  • Creating outline, reference, political, and topographical maps
  • Choosing black-and-white or color
  • and including borders, rivers, cities, and physical features.

    This CD-ROM includes:

  • 60+ Maps of the World
  • 60+ USA Maps
  • 125 Historical Maps, including 25 biblical maps
  • The complete map sets to accompany The Mystery of History Vol. I-III and All American History Vol. I & II.

    Adobe Reader 9 or higher required. Windows 7 & Mac Compatible.

    From Basic to BaghdadFrom Basic to Baghdad
    J.B. Hogan
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    When JB Hogan left for basic training, his mother urged him to write. She needed to know that her son was okay. The avalanche of letters that followed reassured her that JB was surviving the army, even if the army wasn't quite ready for him. From Basic to Baghdad puts you inside a GI's helmet, to see what he's seeing and feel what he's feeling. From basic training to deployment to war, this coming-of-age story is a book for America and her families. Filled with illustrations, this biography provides a realistic view of one soldier's life.

    Gifted Children at Home: A Practical GuideGifted Children at Home: A Practical Guide
    Janice Baker, Kathleen Julicher, Maggie Hogan
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    This practical guide addresses all areas of interest to families' homeschooling, or considering homeschooling, their gifted children. The merits of testing are debated, as well as tips on how to test, the advantages and "disadvantages" of being homeschooled, techniques and activities, personal anecdotes from many different families and even college admission. With lots of encouragement thrown in, this cradle-to-graduation guide to your gifted child is filled with tons of helpful advice and resources for the road ahead. 141 pages, softcover with record-keeping forms in back.

    Hands-On Geography: Easy & Fun Activities for Exploring God's WorldHands-On Geography: Easy & Fun Activities for Exploring God's World
    Maggie Hogan, Janice Baker
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    Geography is more than maps---and the world is more than continents and countries. These multi-grade projects provide an in-depth look at the world around us from a Christian perspective. Whether creating their own country notebook or studying about missionaries, your students will learn how geography affects economics, politics, science, religion, and cultures. Includes resource lists and reproducible work sheets and maps. 142 pages, softcover.


    Student History Notebook of AmericaStudent History Notebook of America
    Maggie Hogan
    Retail Price: $12.95
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    This multi-dimensional notebooking tool can be used in a myriad of ways! Write up a recipe, draw some pictures with accompanying text or create some maps on the journal pages; fill in the names on the timeline, fill in the states or countries on the maps, log your activities, chart presidents, currency, quotes, vocabulary, questions and more. A 16 page introduction provides examples and tips for use. 111 reproducible-for-one-student-only pages. Softcover, Grades K-12.


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