My Bible ABC Activity BookMy Bible ABC Activity Book
Catherine MacKenzie
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Do you know your ABC'S? What letter does your name begin with? How many letters are in the alphabet? And do you know that there is someone very special who wants to be your friend? His name begins with J. His name is Jesus, the Son of God. In this book you will find out about Jesus and about a very special message that he wants to tell you. He wants to tell you that he loves you. He wants to tell you about how you can be a friend of God. The message about his love for you is written in the Bible God's special letter to you. Enjoy all the coloring-in activities to do. Fill in the sections "All About Me" and "All About God" at the end of the book. Recommended for ages 4 to 8.

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T is for truth

God always tells the truth. We can trust him. When God speaks to us he uses the Bible. When you speak what do you use? You use your mouth. You should always tell the truth. If you tell lies then that is a sin. It is wrong.

Everything you read about Jesus in the Bible is true. You have to believe that Jesus died for you and that Jesus loves you. Jesus showed love for people all the time. He healed people and taught them about God. He told them that the only way to be friends with God, was to trust in him. Find out what the opposite of trust is by reading the next part of the book.


You can do it
    *     God always tells the truth.
           Read Isaiah 45:19
    *     Hide a penny for someone to find.
           Tell the person if they are close of far away.
           Tell them the truth.
    *     You speak with your mouths.
           What else does your mouth do?
    *     What is your favorite song?