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Nature's Art BoxNature's Art Box
Laura C. Martin
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A Parents Choice Approved Award Winner, it's not hard to see why this book was chosen for the honor. Carefully enlightening text, delicate illustrations of nature and finished crafts, easily comprehensible instructions, and a sweet love for the earth's natural beauty make this an enjoyable craft book like none other. Sections are based upon materials used, including vines and twigs, gourds and husks, clay and sand, paints, flowers and more. A full-page illustration accompanies each of the 65 crafts, and simple pen-and-ink drawings often accompany the step-by-step instructions and material list as well. For each section, and often many of the individual crafts, Nature's Art Box addresses elements of the environment, and how mankind has used nature as a source of artistic inspiration and use throughout our long history. Conservationism is addressed, including explanations on why living bark should never be stripped or the ground cleared of all nuts, instead advocating a responsibility for the earth and her bounty. 215 pages, softcover.

Camp Out! The Ultimate Kids' GuideCamp Out! The Ultimate Kids' Guide
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Truly the ultimate kids' campout guide, this book is packed with tons of camping facts and full of fun. It covers all the basics, such as planning for a trip, packing the right gear, and setting up camp, along with awesome skills like knot-tying, trail marking, animal tracking, weather forecasting, navigating from maps and compasses or from nature, and more! There's even a guide to great recipes and fun foods for good eating in the great outdoors. And with tons of outdoorsy arts and crafts to do, experiments and projects to try, campout fun and games to play, songs to sing, stories to tell, and stars to study, you'll have a great time camping, day or night, rain or shine!

Please Note! This book teaches the Big Bang Theory.

The Art Museum: A Sticker Story Coloring BookThe Art Museum: A Sticker Story Coloring Book
Sylvia Walker
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From boarding the bus to shopping for souvenirs, 30 lively illustrations to color follow a school field trip to an art museum. Plus, kids can also match 23 stickers of the world's greatest art masterpieces to their frames in the book - or decorate notebooks, school projects, and more. A complete list of titles and artists appears on the inside back cover.

Jay Ryan
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Your youngsters can become expert "moonfinders!"

Moonfinder is the story of a little boy who learns about the phases of the moon through his father's easy-to-understand explanations. Each night, over the course of a month, he looks up to notice the changes in the moon's phases and position in the sky.

Beautifully illustrated, each page features a full-color painting that depicts the actual location and appearance of each lunar phase, along with celestial views that show the corresponding position of the moon in orbit around the earth. These help students understand how the astronomy behind the moon's changing phases corresponds to the changing positions of the moon in the sky. The story also includes a note at the end with detailed information for continuing your study of the moon and its phases.

With Moonfinder, cultivate an interest in science and nature as the entire family learns how to follow the monthly cycle of the moon! 32 full-color pages, hardcover.

Dado PlanksDado Planks
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You won't be able to get enough of these beautiful, colorful, Dado Planks! Durable, high quality plastic building planks feature precise notches so your fine motor and logic skills get to run wild. Fit them into one another or slide a solid plank in the mix. Connect and interlock on a whim or carefully plan ahead. Either way, you'll build configurations that are surprising and well beyond ordinary. The combination of standard building planks with clever notched planks provide versatility and stability that make us shout, "By George- now THIS is fun with construction!"

Specifically designed to accommodate the building of large, intricate structures. 106 pieces are strong and interlock with amazing precision. Dado Planks - The newest members of the Dado family really stack up! 106 pieces, 55 notched and 51 standard planks.

Spot It!Spot It!
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There is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any 2 cards in this party game. Spot it and you win! 55 cards are each decorated with 8 symbols-but there's only one matching symbol between any two cards. The player who wins the most mini-games is the champion. A sharp eye and a little bit of speed is all it takes to become a Spot it! Master. Five different alternative game instructions are included.

Please note that this game includes a picture of a ying-yang symbol, bomb, skull-and-crossbones, and ghost.

Ages: 7 to Adult
2 to 8 Players
Play Time: 10 - 20 Minutes
Contents: 55 cards

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