The New Interpreter's Bible New Testament SurveyThe New Interpreter's Bible New Testament Survey
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Bringing the best of biblical scholarship to the wider church, a diverse group of international contributors provides insights into the New Testament. Essays covering essential historical, socio-cultural, literary, and theological issues are complemented by maps, charts, and up-to-date bibliographies. First-rate references for anybody wishing to delve deeper into Scripture!



  • The Gospels and Narrative Literature - Robert C. Tannehill
  • Jesus and the Gospels - Christopher M. Tuckett    
  • The Gospel of Matthew - M. Eugene Boring          
  • The Gospel of Mark - Pheme Perkins                   
  • The Gospel of Luke - R. Alan Culpepper
  • The Gospel of John - Gail R. O'Day
  • The Acts of the Apostles - Robert W. Wall
  • Introduction to Epistolary Literature - Robert W. Wall
  • The Letter to the Romans - N. T. Wright
  • The First Letter to the Corinthians - J. Paul Sampley
  • The Second Letter to the Corinthians - J. Paul Sampley     
  • The Letter to the Galatians - Richard B. Hays       
  • The Letter to the Ephesians - Pheme Perkins
  • The Letter to the Philippians - Morna D. Hooker    
  • The Letter to the Colossians - Andrew T. Lincoln   
  • The First Letter to the Thessalonians - Abraham Smith      
  • The Second Letter to the Thessalonians - Abraham Smith 
  • The First and Second Letter to Timothy and the Letter to Titus - James D. G. Dunn  
  • The Letter to Philemon - Cain Hope Felder           
  • The Letter to the Hebrews - Fred B. Craddock      
  • The Letter of James - Luke Timothy Johnson 
  • The First Letter of Peter - David L. Bartlett           
  • The Second Letter of Peter - Duane F. Watson     
  • The Letter of Jude - C. Clifton Black                    
  • The First, Second, and Third Letters of John - Duane F. Watson                 
  • The Book of Revelation - Christopher C. Rowland