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Evolution: Fact or Fiction?Evolution: Fact or Fiction?
John Blanchard

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The theory of evolution has been called 'the most powerful and the most comprehensive idea that has ever arisen on earth'. It has been so passionately argued and so heavily promoted in the mass media that millions of people with no scientific expertise assume it must be true. This book by award-winning John Blanchard answers all of the questions that you have about evolution.

The Guide ... Creation: Chance or Design?The Guide ... Creation: Chance or Design?
David Tyler
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The subject of our origins has been one of the most hotly debated issues for centuries. Today, things are no different. However, the theory of evolution has now become so accepted in our society that it is being taught as fact in our schools and some Christians believe that evolution is God's process of creation. In this book David Tyler seeks to redress this situation, by showing how far evolution is at odds with both biblical revelation and scientific fact. The author's concern is to lay down the right foundations, starting with what God himself has revealed. He shows how, when we look at the facts, far from being at odds with science, the biblical account of creation is in complete harmony with it. The book communicates the Christian faith in a straightforward and readable way, and also contains questions for further study or discussion, making it ideal for group Bible studies.


The 10 Things You Should Know About the Creation vs. Evolution DebateThe 10 Things You Should Know About the Creation vs. Evolution Debate
Ron Rhodes
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Learn how to respond to people who don't take creationism seriously! Rhodes shows teens and adults how to argue that the universe is packed with evidence of an Intelligent Designer; that the Book of Genesis is not a myth; and that life is not a "cosmic accident," but a deliberate gift from a loving God. 192 pages, softcover from Harvest.



The Right Questions: Truth, Meaning & Public DebateThe Right Questions: Truth, Meaning & Public Debate
Phillip E. Johnson
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Phillip E. Johnson pries the lid off public debate about questions of ultimate concern--questions often suppressed by our society's intellectual elite. Moving far beyond matters of creation and evolution, Johnson outlines the questions we all ought to be asking about the meaning of human history, the limits of scientific inquiry, religion and education in a pluralistic society, truth, liberty and moral choices, and God and His Word, Jesus Christ. Johnson deftly demonstrates how the reigning naturalistic philosophy not only squelches public debate but also constrains us to ask the wrong questions. Unless we start with the right questions, Johnson argues, our discussions will be framed by the assumptions of that very philosophy which must be challenged. Johnson asserts that even the Christian church has much too often passively accepted this limiting frame of mind to the detriment of all. But Christian faith and conviction instead ought to lead in opening up the search for truth and meaning through the kind of public education that "teaches in controversy." Then all of us will be prepared to engage in lively, informed and civil debate about the questions that really matter. Provocative, personal, persuasive and prophetic, Johnson is certain to help us break free from our intellectual and spiritual captivity.


Reason in the Balance: The Case Against Naturalism in Science, Law and EducationReason in the Balance: The Case Against Naturalism in Science, Law and Education
Phillip E. Johnson
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Now available in softcover! In this hard-hitting best-seller, Johnson dares to challenge naturalistic thought---today's prevailing philosphy that the material world is all there was, is, or will be. His penetrating assessment of naturalism's pervasive influence on science, law, and education helps you form a clear, biblical response to this intellectual and moral threat. 245 pages, from InterVarsity.

Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds (Paperback)Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds (Paperback)
Phillip E. Johnson
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What's the best way to discern and defeat the false claims of Darwinism? By developing solid critical-thinking skills, says Johnson. His non-technical discussion of Darwinism versus creationism gives you sound advice on spotting deceptive arguments, grasping scientific issues, understanding the impact of the Scopes trial, and more. Ideal for high school students, teachers, pastors, or anyone concerned about the creation-evolution debate. 132 pages, softcover from InterVarsity.

The New Answers Book: Over 25 Questions on Creation/Evolution and the BibleThe New Answers Book: Over 25 Questions on Creation/Evolution and the Bible
Ken Ham
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One can either take the Bible as the basis for scientific truth or use ever-changing evolutionary assumptions as the foundation for your biblical and scientific knowledge. The Bible-as-base model resolves contradictions and gives concrete answers; the evolution-as-base model is as unsure as building a house on sand. Ken Ham knows this, and wants to provide families and individuals with the answers to questions raised by the media's wholesale acceptance of evolution, be it human or cosmic.

Unafraid to take on the tough questions, Ham and the other authors he has assembled eviscerate notions of millions of years, gap theory, dinosaurs turning into birds, and a local flood. Moreover, they give the basic facts behind the Ice Age, distant starlight, carbon-14 and radiometric dating techniques, and the supposed proofs for evolution.

Perhaps best of all, and what sets this book above others of its kind, are the final two chapters which are instructional to evangelism. Showing how this information can be used in witnessing and how dinosaurs can be used in spreading the Gospel message as given in the Creation narrative. Adults, kids, believers, nonbelievers, creationists and evolutionists can all benefit from this resource.

Did God Use Evolution? Observations from a Scientist of FaithDid God Use Evolution? Observations from a Scientist of Faith
Dr. Werner Gitt
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The Bible states clearly that the world was created. Humanism-dominated science presents theories of evolution as truth. Thousands of years and in six days---or millions of years and evolution? Christians are stuck between the principles of their faith and the "evidence" being touted as truth in our educational system. Too often Christians struggle to find a way to bridge the gap between faith and science, and the question of God using evolution is a common one.

One of the most common and confusing questions of our time is now answered convincingly by Dr. Werner Gitt, an information specialist who has studied the creation-evolution debate for decades. Dr. Gitt was a director and professor at the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology and the Head of the Department of Information Technology. Active creationist, prominent information scientist, writer, and close friend of AiG, Dr Gitt is also a renowned evangelist.

The Six Days of Genesis: A Scientific Appreciation of Chapters 1-11The Six Days of Genesis: A Scientific Appreciation of Chapters 1-11
Paul Taylor
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This study digs in to the book of Genesis, verse by verse. This expository study of early Genesis, by British author Paul Taylor, is a reader-friendly journey from the Garden of Eden to the Fall to the Table of Nations. Written for the serious student, and perfect for pastors and lay leaders, this verse-by-verse study promotes the view that Genesis is literal history and can be defended from modern attacks by evolutionists.

It's Designed To Do What it Does DoIt's Designed To Do What it Does Do
Ken Ham, Buddy Davis
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From perhaps the two most popular creationist speakers comes a one-of-a-kind board book that teaches young children that God is creative, good, and interested in His world! From the animals explored to the young readers enjoying this learning journey, the book shares an important and wonderful truth--God made everything for a specific purpose.

Each animal presented in the book has certain design features that leave no doubt whether evolution could have taken place. This children's book not only has an important foundational faith message and entertaining animal facts, it's also combined with a format and "googley eyes" children are sure to enjoy! The easily identifiable animals are familiar to any child, and the "googley eyes" and eye-catching color illustrations to make this book both educational and fun! Recommended for ages 4 to 8.

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Survey: 16 Percent
of Science Teachers
are Creationists

According to a recent national survey, 16 percent of U.S. science teachers are creationists, the Christian Post reports. The study, conducted by faculty at Pennsylvania State University, found that creationism continues to be taught in many classrooms despite judicial blocks. A majority of the almost 1,000 teachers surveyed said that they spent at least three to 10 hours of class time covering evolution, while a quarter of those surveyed said they also taught creationism and intelligent design - about half of whom said they believed these to be "valid, scientific alternative to Darwinian explanations for the origin of species." Four states have passed "Academic Freedom" bills protecting teachers' and students'rights to challenge Darwinism without fear of backlash.

Find out more at

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