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Jon Gnagy Learn to Draw KitJon Gnagy Learn to Draw Kit
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The perfect item for those wanting to explore their inner artist, but aren't quite sure how to get started, Jon Gnagy created this art kit with just such a predicament in mind. Designed for ages 8 and up, Gnagy's book takes you through the basic elements of line, shape, form, shading, composition, perspective, and coaches you step by step through drawing entire scenes. This kit includes everything needed to start drawing, including a 64 page instructional book, sketching paper, 3 regular and 1 carbon pencil, 3 sketching chalks, kneaded eraser, shading stomper sandpaper sharpener and laptop drawing surface.

Jon Gnagy Art Studio SetJon Gnagy Art Studio Set
Jon Gnagy
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For the beginning artist who still wants to produce legitimate art, this kit contains the perfect tools. It contains everything needed to create watercolor, oil pastel and sketch drawings, and three different instruction sets for each method. Jon Gnagy's 64 page guide "Learn to Draw" gives you step by step instructions for drawing black and white pictures; it also covers the basics of perspective, realism, shading and other skills needed in any artistic discipline. Two full color fold-outs are also included with instructions particular to watercolors and oil pastels, including blending, neutralizing, measuring and various other techniques. Recommended for ages 8-adult.

All together, kit includes:

  • 16 tray watercolors
  • 12 oil pastels
  • 3 artist's sketching pencils
  • 3 sketching chalks
  • 16 x 10.5" sheets of sketching paper
  • Sharpener
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Blending Stomp
  • Sandpaper sharpener
  • Watercolor brush
  • "Learn to Draw" instruction book
  • 2 instructional fold-outs

    How to Teach Art to ChildrenHow to Teach Art to Children
    Joy Evans, Tanya Skelton
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    Teach your 6- to 12-year-olds the elements of line, shape, color, value, texture, form, and space! This thematically progressive nuts-and-bolts curriculum features 96 simple projects with step-by-step instructions and full-color examples. Kids will "soak up" the basics of great design as they create color wheels, mold clay pots, trace tessellations, "texture" trees, and more! A valuable foundation for any budding artist. 160 pages, softcover from Evan-Moor.

    Drawing: A Complete CourseDrawing: A Complete Course
    Lucy Davidson Rosenfeld
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    Designed specifically for high school students, this is a "hands-on" course for those who've never picked up a pencil to those who love drawing. Basic concepts such as space, composition, media and design are all covered, with 110 reproduced illustrations included for guidance (not for rigid adherence!). Students are encouraged to explore and express their personality through their art. 190 pages, softcover.

    300 Lessons in Art300 Lessons in Art
    Robert Henkes
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    Hundreds of affordable art projects---from chalk drawing to spaghetti sculpture---designed to help your middle- and high-school artists "stretch their creative wings"! Each succinct lesson plan includes a designated skill level, objective, material list, step-by-step instructions, and evaluation guide. 141 pages, softcover from Walch.

    Sketching and Drawing for ChildrenSketching and Drawing for Children
    Jackson Genevieve Vaughn
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    Learn how to sketch and draw with this concise and practical guide. You'll learn how to study objects you want to draw, basic shapes, proportion, shading, anatomy (skeletal and muscular systems), progressive movement, action exercises, horizons and more. You'll learn to draw people, plants, animals, houses, scenes and more with this delightful book. Over 350 illustrations, 80 pages, softcover.

    Behold the Beauty: Art Curriculum for Elementary Christian EducationBehold the Beauty: Art Curriculum for Elementary Christian Education
    Connie L. Meyer
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    This book is a teacher's manual that is designed for use in kindergarten and first grade and can easily be used in a homeschool situation. Often teachers express a lack of confidence in teaching art, considering themselves untrained or untalented in this area. This curriculum was proposed exactly for this purpose: to give teachers direction in this often-intimidating subject. The lessons do not assume prior knowledge of art, so the teachers can learn the elements and principles along with the students.

    Behold the Beauty is a treatment of art education from a Reformed, Calvinistic viewpoint. The lessons teach the elements of art: line, shape, texture, color, value, and form, and include instruction in putting these elements together. For each grade, there are twelve lessons, which are divided into six main subheads: Objective, Supplies, Vocabulary, Introduction, Directions, and Variations. The book also includes student worksheets which can be copied.


    Art Adventures at Home Level 2 Gr. K-8Art Adventures at Home Level 2 Gr. K-8
    M. Jean Soyke
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    "Art Adventures at Home" is a total art curriculum for children in the elementary grades. The curriculum section of each book presents a three-year art program, with 35 lessons per year. This volume, Level 2, contains lessons that cover the foundations of art, written for children in grades 3-5. These lessons present the basic elements of art (line, shape, form, color, and texture) in five different units: drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, and crafts. All of the objectives for each level are presented in the first year, while activities in the second and third years reinforce the concepts already introduced. 154 pages with index and glossary.





    BJU With Art in Mind, Grades 3-8BJU With Art in Mind, Grades 3-8
    Patricia Parker Groebner

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    Encourage your students to observe God's creation---and express their own creativity---with Groebner's 60 lessons for young artists. Based on basic design principles and categorized according to medium such as ink, torn paper, and watercolor, exercises feature materials lists, step-by-step directions, concepts and skills to be learned, and full-page samples. Includes teaching tips. Ages 8 to 13. 210 pages, spiralbound hardcover.


    BJU DrawingBJU Drawing
    Troy Bohannon

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    You can teach your students to draw---even without an art background! By learning the basic principles and practicing the exercises in this guide, you can confidently instruct your students in the fundamentals of shapes, values, edges, and shading. Bohannon's suggested lessons, object ideas, and schedules will help you make art class a success! Most activities can be performed with regular classroom items. 37 pages, softcover.

    Busy Teacher's Guide: Art Lessons, PrimaryBusy Teacher's Guide: Art Lessons, Primary
    Michelle M. McAuliffe, Marsha W. Black
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    Teaching art doesn't have to be difficult! Perfect for the busiest among us, each activity includes a teacher page with the assignment's purpose, art history notes, materials needed, variations, procedures for teachers and students, assignment choices and a connection. A reproducible page follows. 80 reproducible pages, softcover. Grades 1-3.

    Art Lessons: Busy Teachers Guide IntermediateArt Lessons: Busy Teachers Guide Intermediate
    Michelle M. McAuliffe
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    Creating specifically for the time-strapped teacher, these easy to create art projects will make art easy and enjoyable for all! Students will learn the basic elements of art and how to apply them with lessons on drawing, painting, and multi-media projects. Each lesson includes a purpose, art history note, material lists, procedure, assignment choices, connection and reproducible. 80 perforated, reproducible pages, softcover. Grades 3-5.

    Creating Line Designs, Book 4, Grades 4-7Creating Line Designs, Book 4, Grades 4-7
    Randy Womack
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    Many children of all ages lack the specific motor abilities, visual perception and tactile awareness that are prerequisites for formal learning. Educators are aware of the fact that many of our teaching/learning experiences are oriented towards the development of the child's left brain, which primarily controls his language acquisition. It is often difficult to find materials or activities that focus on the development of the child's right brain, which controls his visual perception and memory. This series of Line Design books was created to promote the student's growth in this area. Each book is developmentally sequenced and builds upon previously learned skills. Twenty activities and answer keys are provided in each book. Reproducible. Grades 4-7.

    Classroom Art, Ages 11+Classroom Art, Ages 11+
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    The visual arts are a fun and engaging way for students to communicate while exploring their artistic interests and abilities. Focusing on directed skill-development in drawing, painting and printmaking, students are still encouraged to experiment with their own techniques and ideas. Simple materials are used, while the book includes step-by-step pictorial instructions, ideas for inspiration, examples of finished artwork, questions for student analysis and appraisal, variations for each activity, cross-circular activities, display suggestions, and more. Grades 6-8. 78 pages, softcover.






    Art Experiences for Little Fingers: Open-Ended Art Experiences  that Help Children Explore Their WorldArt Experiences for Little Fingers: Open-Ended Art Experiences that Help Children Explore Their World
    Sherrill B. Flora
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    Let the imagination of your children run wild as they explore, create, and discover more about the world around them! An essential part of a child's development, art nurtures natural curiosity and imagination. Children will experiment with textures, shapes, and colors, plus do activities that increase observation skills and eye-hand coordination. The activities presented use inexpensive and readily available materials, most of which can be found in your kitchen or school cupboard. 64 pages.

    Grades Pre-K to 1.


    Classroom Art, Ages 8-10Classroom Art, Ages 8-10
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    This full color book is a compilation of art activities to inspire students to communicate through visual arts and to explore their artistic interests and ability. The book focuses on directed skill-development in drawing, painting, and printmaking while encouraging students to experiment with their own techniques and ideas. The activities use simple materials and techniques. The book contains 80 pages and includes the following support for the teacher:

    • step-by-step pictorial instructions
    • ideas for inspiring students
    • examples of finished artwork
    • response questions for student analysis and appraisal
    • variations to provoke invention upon each activity
    • cross-curricular activities
    • display suggestions

    Classroom art can be used by any teacher, regardless of training, to encourage imagination, stimulate the ability to solve problems, and develop students ability to work within set parameters.



    Drawing SceneryDrawing Scenery
    Jack Hamm
    Retail Price: $15.00
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    There are many people in this world who have tried to draw or paint a scene at some time or other. Most home and many office walls hold pictures which come from the brush of some member of the family. Probably more time and effort are put into this "scenery art" than all the other picture arts put together. Many of these scenes could have been vastly improved if the artist had known some basic principles. The purpose of this book is to reveal helps which will assure the artist that whatever he does will have a better chance of being good. This how-to handbook explains and illustrates the step-by-step processes for drawing complete, successful landscapes and seascapes and teaches the fundamentals of good composition as well as the separate picture elements. This guide combines the simplest kind of scenery sketching with the most complex renderings to give every artist, beginner or professional, essential scenery drawing techniques. More than 900 diagrams, pictorial explanations and pictures are provided. Perfect for high-schoolers and older.




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