Wrangler in Petticoats Discussion Questions: Mary Connealy


1) It is historically accurate, even in the west, to always put women in dresses and let them ride side-saddles. Few western novels do this though, preferring riding skirts and riding astride. Why do you think such an impractical way to ride and dress was asked of women?


2) Sally is tough and Logan is a wimp, or that’s what Sally thinks. But Logan is strong in things she doesn’t respect or understand. Talk about the differences between their value systems. . .seeing the land as providing a living versus seeing it for it’s beauty.


3) Both Sally and Logan learned to appreciate the viewpoint of the other. How have you changed due to being near someone you respect and love who thinks very differently from you?


4) Mandy’s marriage has changed since it began, mostly for the worse. How has the west changed Sidney? Or explain how it is just revealing his true character.


5) Has Sophie done wrong to let her daughter Sally be such a tomboy? Explain how you feel Sophie’s choices were right or wrong.


6) When an elk walks near the house Sally reaches for her rifle, Logan reaches for his sketch pad. Talk about how that creates conflict between them.


7) Why do you think Sidney wants to build his house at the top of a mountain?


8) How normal is it for a woman to conform herself to keep peace in her home, like Mandy does?


9) The west had a way of swallowing people up. They’d head west and never been seen again. Why do you think people went to such a dangerous place? What was drawing them there?


10) Did you like Tom Linscott? He’s got a cameo in all three books in the Montana Marriage series, but now he’s got his own story. Do you remember him? Did you want to know more about him?


11) Do you like the books being woven together with Lassoed in Texas and Montana Marriages? Explain what you like and don’t like about series in general.


12) Today, with internet and cell phones and air travel we can stay more connected, but distance can still make a difference. Have you ever had someone in your family move away and you’ve lost touch with them, or nearly? Explain how that affected your relationship.



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