Wildflower Bride Discussion Questions: Mary Connealy


1. Wildflower Bride opens with a long, dramatic action scene. Discuss how a scene like this pulls you into a book.


2. Glowing Sun was cruelly rejected by the survivors in her Flathead Village. Would they have really treated her this way? Discuss perceptions of Native America in history and what is realistic and what is flavored by the misunderstandings between cultures.


3. Is Wade’s hostility to his father unscriptural or do you understand and respect his reasons for separating himself from his abusive father?


4. Have you known someone who came out of an abusive relationship? How did they deal with the abuser? Is there a limit to “honor thy father”?


5. If you’ve read Montana Rose, did you like spending time with Cassie and Red again? Has she grown as in character during the years since she was the heroine of Montana Rose?


6. Did you like how Glowing Sun/Abby treated Mort Sawyer?


7. Were you surprised at the relationship between Abby and Tom Linscott? Did you like that moment in the book?


8. Was Wade too easy-going? Was his complete devotion to Abby a weakness in the plot? Would you rather have had him more conflicted about loving her?


9. Discuss how Gertie, while seemingly kind and loving, enabled Mort’s abuse of Wade all the years Wade was growing up. Have you known enablers? Discuss what role they play in letting an abusive, or addictive, behavior continue.


10. An author strives to make all her characters three dimensional, even the villains. Are the outlaws in Wildflower Bride interesting—even if unlikable—characters in their own right?


11. Did Wade live up to the commandment of honoring his father? How would you have treated Mort if he were your father?




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