Inuit IndiansInuit Indians
Caryn Yacowitz
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Turn the pages of this book to learn about Inuit Indians. Find out how the Inuit live through cold arctic winters. Discover the sun goggles that they used to wear. Read about how the Inuit build snow houses, or igloos. In this book you will see how the Inuit hunt for seals, learn about the dog sleds that the Inuit use, discover how the Inuit use string figures to tell stories. 32 pages, softcover.


Arctic PeoplesArctic Peoples
Mir Tamim Ansary
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Come along with us as we meet some of America's first peoples. Turn the pages of Arctic Peoples to discover: how a house of snow can be warm and comfortable, what clothes we wear today were invented by Arctic peoples, how Arctic sled dogs can swim without getting wet. Each book in the Native Americas series explores a different area of our country and the people who first lived there. Find out how these people lived long ago, what happened when Europeans arrived, and how Native Americans today are keeping their cultures alive. Each book includes: colorful maps, photos, and illustrations, a section on famous Native Americans, a list of books to show you where you can learn more. 32 pages, softcover.


Julie of the WolvesJulie of the Wolves
Jean Craighead George
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Faced with the prospect of a disagreeable arranged marriage or a journey across the barren Alaskan tundra, 13-year-old Miyax chooses the tundra. She finds herself caught between the traditional Eskimo ways and the modern ways of the whites. Miyax, or Julie as her pen pal Amy calls her, sets out alone to visit Amy in San Francisco, a world far away from Eskimo culture and the frozen land of Alaska.

During her long and arduous journey, Miyax comes to appreciate the value of her Eskimo heritage, learns about herself, and wins the friendship of a pack of wolves. After learning the language of the wolves and slowly earning their trust, Julie becomes a member of the pack. Recommended for ages 9 and up. Winner of the 1973 Newbery Medal.

On Mother's Lap, Board BookOn Mother's Lap, Board Book
Ann Herbert Scott
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Sweet and gentle, this little board book captures the love between an Eskimo mother, son and new baby sister. Charming illustrations show that no matter what, there's always room on mother's lap. 28 board book pages.

Anak, the Eskimo BoyAnak, the Eskimo Boy
Piet Prins
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Far north, where the sun shines only part of the year, Anak and his family live with the rest of their Eskimo tribe near the Coronation Gulf. Anak experiences both adventure and danger as he learns how to hunt seals, caribou, and walruses; travels to the land of white man; faces the threat of a bear attack; and accidentally drifts off to sea on an ice floe. As Anak confronts the challenges of Eskimo life, he learns important lessons about responsibility and dependence on God. For readers 8 years old and up. 115 pages.


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