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How to Run the Alpha Course
How to Run the Alpha Course

Leader's Resources

Alpha Course Director's Handbook

If you are a director of an Alpha course then this handbook details everything you need to lead the Alpha course curriculum. It contains three main sections: 1) Planning; 2) Preparation; 3) Administration during the course.

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Spanish Resources

Manual del Curso Alpha
Manual del Curso Alpha Nicky Gumbel $1.99 Add To Cart

El Curso Alpha es una introducción práctica a la fe cristiana de 15 sesiones. Trata las preguntas fundamentales, mientras provee a los participantes de una oportunidad para explorar el significado de la vida. El Curso Alpha está basado en el libro escrito por Nicky Gumbel, Alpha - Preguntas de la Vida.

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A Life Worth Living

A Life Worth Living, Revised

A Life Worth Living, based on St. Paul's letter to the Philippians, is a practical and positive guide to achieving exactly this, uncovering in us a new heart, new purpose, new attitude, and a new confidence to the way we can live our lives joyfully. This book is especially written for those who are just starting out in the Christian life and is an ideal follow-up to the Alpha course.

Alpha for Catholics

The Alpha Course in a Catholic Context: An Introductory Guide

This booklet provides commentary by Catholic leaders on how great is the effect of the Alpha program in revival of the Catholic Church.


Alpha Youth

Youth Manual--Ages 15 to 18 (10 Pack)

Youth Alpha aims to help young people meet Jesus by looking at key aspects of the Christian faith in a fun, relaxed, and nonthreatening environment designed to draw others into a group where they are accepted and feel like they belong. Discussions are encouraged, but never forced, and no question is ever treated as stupid or irrelevant. The course runs over 8-10 weeks, including a day or weekend away.

The Jesus Lifestyle

The Jesus Lifestyle Boxed Set

The Jesus Lifestyle examines Jesus' Sermon on the Mount and the radical alternative it presents to the modern lifestyle. Each talk provides life application principles that individuals can apply to live the life that Jesus wants us to live. Some of the topics discussed are living and acting with integrity, dealing with criticism, handling conflict, and building a secure future.

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