Church Operations Manual: A Step-by-Step Guide to Effective  Church ManagementChurch Operations Manual: A Step-by-Step Guide to Effective Church Management
Stan Toler
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Save time and improve the efficiency of your church with this flexible and foundational reference tool. Features include staff and board member job descriptions; committee roles; organizational charts; forms, policies, and procedures for everything from baby dedications to vehicle use; and more. Includes a CD-ROM of all material found in the manual. 115 reproducible pages in a 3-ring binder. From Beacon Hill.

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 Interview with Dr. Stan Toler - April 2007

Raised in rural West Virginia, Dr. Stan Toler sensed a call to ministry while still a teenager.   After ministering in churches in Ohio and Tennessee, Dr.Toler now serves as senior pastor of Trinity Church of the Nazarene in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  For many years he has also followed his second calling to strengthen and develop pastors and leaders.  He hosts the television program "Leadership Today"  to aid pastors and church leaders throughout North America. He also conducts seminars on strategic planning, stewardship, outreach, and leadership.

Stan finds his constant support and joy in his lovely wife, Linda, whom he affectionately refers to as his "South Georgia Peach." He shares his love for sports with his two sons, Seth Aaron and Adam James. You have been leading in ministry since the age of seventeen. What key people here on earth would you credit for help along the path that you have chosen for yourself and why?

Stan Toler:  I was blessed to serve on a church staff with Dr. Tom Hermiz.  He is an outstanding speaker and greatly influenced my preparation for messages and my delivery of messages in a very timely manner. (22 minutes!)  Also, I served as Dr. John C. Maxwell’s first staff member in Lancaster, Ohio.  John writes about my work in his latest book, 360 Degree Leader.  He was and, in my opinion, is the greatest motivational leader in America today.  John really challenged me to live up to my full potential.  Later, I served as VP of INJOY for Dr. Maxwell and that was the greatest single stretching event in my ministerial career.  John will raise the bar in your life if you work with him!  I should quickly add that his father, Dr. Melvin Maxwell, is the greatest godly leadership influence in my life.  He is the most passionate leader for souls that I have ever encountered. With more than 60 titles to your credit, your gifting as a writer is apparent. When did this aspect of your ministry begin? Can you describe the shape it has taken and where you see it going?

Stan Toler:  I wrote my first book when I was 28 years old. It was published by Beacon Hill Press.  I now have 62 book titles in print.  Almost all of my books are very practical and ministry-focused.  A recent title, Stan Toler’s Practical Guide For Pastoral Ministry (available from in summer 2007) is a 302-page reflection of what I have learned in the ministry as I enter my 40th year of pastoral service. (not bad since I am 56 years old!) 

When I think about future books, I want to stay the course with the Lifestream Resource series. The Church Operations Manual, ABC ‘s of Evangelism and Instant Church Office remain best-selling titles for me and they remind me of the need to stay very practical.   I have also written three fiction projects and have had good success with books like, The Secret Blend (not currently available from CBD)  and a most recent title, The Richest Person In The World. (co-authored with Debra White Smith) These books are parables and seem to have curb appeal to the business community. At some point it appears that your role began to shift from simply being a pastor, to that of being a pastor of pastors, as well. Could you comment on the development of this role in your life?

Stan Toler: I started doing training seminars and mentoring pastors in my late twenties.  For many years now, pastors have told me that I have been their pastor.  I think it all stems from a question I asked myself when our son Adam was born prematurely….Who pastors the pastor? Since that day, I have done my best to return phone calls, meet with pastors and travel the world doing training seminars. The balance of ministry and family is always a challenge. What key thing would you credit for helping you to fulfill your obligations as a pastor, husband and father?

Stan Toler: While I would not want to attempt a book on the subject of parenting or how to be a great husband, I do think that God has blessed my life because I have made the family a high priority.  The boys' ball games and school events were always like appointments that I kept with church people. I have been blessed with two fine sons and now a grandson! Plus, Linda and I have had 34 great years of marriage. What is your understanding behind the motivation to produce the LifeStream Resource Library? Could you comment on your role in this project and its projected scope?

Stan Toler: At times, I have been called the founding father of this resource series. I was able to get in on the ground floor with my projects being published first. I am still active in this assignment and have just recently completed a men’s ministry resource kit (available from christianbook, summer 2007).   I plan to do them as long as Beacon Hill sees value in my projects. And….I hope that’s a long time yet! This series is being produced by Beacon Hill Press, the publishing wing of the Nazarene Church. Could you describe the bearing that this association has had on the way in which the series is written? To what degree is the series consciously Nazarene in perspective?

Stan Toler: I think the early goal was to be focused on the local church and most of the products are prepared with that in mind. The greatest goal was to make them practical in nature. Doctrine is taught in the books produced by the Nazarene Publishing House. This allows for other church movements to use the product without having to spend time tweaking the materials to fit. Most of the resource kits come with a CD-rom and have appendices that include letters and forms that all churches need. This product has some unique features that are difficult to ascertain simply by reading about them or seeing a photo on the internet. Could you comment on that?

Stan Toler: Yes, the exterior cover does not always communicate what’s inside of the resource kits. These kits are chocked full of instruction, powerpoint presentations, and, many times, audio or video aids. Why would a pastor want to spend nearly $100 for a volume from the LifeStream Resource series instead of looking for $25 book on the same subject?

Stan Toler: The resource kits are much more than just books. They are all step-by-step products that feature items which smaller books do not have the size capacity to include.


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